Just Like Heaven


I started a new board today on Pinterest.  It’s called “My Heaven” and is dedicated to the beauty of life and what I would envision heaven to be like. Just Like Heaven by Katie Melua Before we get to the pictures, you’ve got to listen to this incredible song.  It is beautiful.  It can be… 

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4th of July Printable Cupcake Toppers


Cupcake toppers or “party circles” are an easy way to decorate for your 4th of July celebration. whether it’s a big party with friends and family or a simple BBQ, the 4th of July is the ideal summer celebration. See how I made the 4th of July cupcakes shown with the cupcake topper printable pictures. … 

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4th of July Free Printable Banner


Check out this free printable 4th of July banner.  I like holiday banners because they are a simple and quick way to make a statement with your holiday or party decor.  In fact I have permanently nailed a couple of small nails that can be used to hang banners. The image files are formatted to… 

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Unique Thank You Card Idea


My daughter’s teacher put together a cute handmade, creative thank you card from the class for parents who helped volunteer throughout the year.   Each student cut out a silhouette of their hand using construction paper and wrote a note on the hand.  What a unique and thoughtful idea!  They even included some hand lotion… 

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4th of July Desserts


Mmmm.  Dessert.  No good meal is complete without a good dessert.  No good holiday is complete without a good meal.  So, what I’m saying is… bring on the dessert!  I look forward to 4th of July BBQ’s because I always walk away from the celebration with at least one new recipe idea.  Here are some… 

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Summer Bucket List


Are you looking for some ideas for your bucket list? I have seen some fantastic and inspirational summer bucket lists the last couple of weeks.  My favorite  is from one of my favorite blogs, whatever. I put together our list of things to do in the summer and have to say, I can’t wait!  If… 

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