$400 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m telling you, these are theeeee best chocolate chip cookies.  Seriously.  I have made it since I was a kid and I haven’t come across a better recipe.  It is consistently de-lish-ious.  I think one of the reasons this recipe is so great is a suprise ingredient – ground oatmeal!

What I was told about this recipe is that someone loved this recipe so much that they purchased it from the bakery for $400 – hense $400 Chocolate Chip Cookies.  This recipe makes a ton of cookies – 6 dozen-ish.  I will usually cook half the batch and either freeze or refridgerate the rest for a later date. 

$400 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


  • 1 pound butter
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 cups flour
  • 5 cups oatmeal (ground to a powder)
  • 2 tsp of baking soda
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 packages of chocolate chips (24 ounces)
  • 8 ounce grated chocolate bar (optional) – I rarely include this because I don’t usually have a chocolate bar on hand to grate


Cream butter, sugar and brown sugar together. Add eggs and vanilla. Sift and add flour, ground oatmeal, soda and salt. Grate chocolate bar into mix (optional). Add chocolate chips.

Place golf ball size balls on ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 375 for 8-12 min. or until light brown. 

It’s the weekend.  Make chocolate chip cookies!


  1. says

    I can not wait to try these. I am a sucker for chocolate chip cookies. I too have a great recipe on my blog but I have never heard of using ground oatmeal. Guess I will be making some cookies this weekend :)

  2. says

    These are the best! I’ve made them before – it was told to me that it is the Neiman Marcus recipe, but I think it’s all an urban legend 😉 We call them PITA cookies (Pain in the…), but soooo worth the effort!

  3. Janina says

    These cookies sound wonderful,but just a question…..5cups of oatmeal ground….is it 5 cups ,then grind or 5 cups after grinding? Thank you

  4. says

    These chocolate chip cookies look like they are totally worth the $400!! We loved having you link up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We hope to have you back again soon!! -The Sisters

  5. Christine N says

    Like someone mentioned, these are known as the Nieman Marcus cookies which is an urban legend. In the 80s, a photo copy of this recipe was probably going around every office in America with a long story about how a lady asked for the recipe and they gave it to her. Then they sent her a bill for whatever the dollar amount was, not sure if it was $400 or not. I’ve had this recipe tucked away since then but have never made them. May have to now that I hear they are so good!!!

    • Camille says

      Thank you for sharing that story. :) I’ve been making these cookies since I learned to bake years ago. I love them.

  6. Betty Freakin Crocker says

    I need to try this, I’ve had it for years under the name, “Mrs. Fields” cookies…just FYI, these are NOT the true Neiman Marcus recipe!! I have that recipe as well & it is my go to! I love to taste test though, so I’m def gonna try your fave!! Thanks

  7. jason says

    funny thing is this recipe is underneath the lid on the oatmeal box and it comes out the same g5 cups of oatmeal not ground surprisingly comes out to the same amount and by the way this is the recipe paradise bakery uses for their chocolate chip chippers at the mall

  8. Kayla Still says

    Third time is the charm in posting. I will be using be using this recipe from now on. I loved how these turned out!

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