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I’m throwing my daughter her first “friend” birthday party this week.  In the past we’ve done a family birthday party and that was it, but this year I decided to do both – a family birthday party and a friend birthday party.  I’m sure I’m spoiling her and definitely out of my mind, but it’s a special birthday and I figured if I’ve already put the effort into planning one party – what’s a second!?

I already shared these crayon art party invites for her family birthday party which turned out awesome.  I was going to make them for her friend birthday party as well, but ran short on time and energy so opted for an easier solution.

It’s been a busy summer!  I’m looking forward to sharing some of Bree’s art birthday party details in the coming days.  My son was born about two weeks after my daughter, so soon I’ll be moving onto his birthday party plans.

Art Party Birthday Invitation Download

Since I’ve already done the work and perhaps someone can use this for one of their parties, I decided to share the template for this invitation with you.  The file is in .psd format so you can edit the layers (you’ll need Photoshop in order to open and edit the file).  You’ll also need the fonts I used installed on your computer – Elise and Blue Highway.

The invitations are 5×7 inches and I get them printed at Costco.  I picked up a bunch of white A7 envelopes from and use them for invitations and announcements.

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