Birthday Cupcakes

This last week I was responsible for helping plan on activity for the women in our church.  We decided to have a cupcake social where we learned about everything cupcakes and spent some time chatting while decorating cupcakes to deliver to new families in the neighborhood.  It was a lot of fun!

Cupcakes are one of my favorite things.  There is a bakery close to me called The Sweet Tooth Fairy that has the best cupcakes.  I seriously love that place.  I would go there everyday if my diet (and wallet) could support it.  In fact it is right next to three of my other favorite places – Sonic, Cafe Rio, and Target.  I surprisingly find myself in that area quite often.

The other day I posted about some great cupcake topper ideas.  Because cupcakes have been on the brain the last week, I will be sharing some of the tips and techniques I have learned as well as some of my favorite cupcakes.  Brace yourself.  More cupcakes are on their way.

Happy Birthday Cupcake

Cupcakes are a great go-to dessert for a birthday party.  You can decorate them to match you party theme.  Bright colors and colorful sprinkles scream “birthday” so you don’t even have to have a party theme to make them birthday ready.

These vanilla cupcakes were piped with butter cream frosting and then decorated with bright colored cupcake liners and jumbo nonpareil sprinkles.  Aren’t they so simple, yet so cute?  Not to mention super easy!

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