Cake Bunting

My daughters birthday party theme was polka dots (with some stripes). I (we) decided on the theme after finding some cute paper plates and napkins at Target. From there I designed various decorations using the paper plates as inspiration.

Wondering how to make a cute cake?

One of the cutest trends I’ve seen in birthday cakes is a cake bunting.  I have seen a bunch of cute, cute mini cake buntings on pinterest lately. After being inspired by all of the amazing moms out there, I thought I would get crafty and make Bree’s cake this year. Sigh… It really didn’t turn out how I wanted. It was a good learning experience, but when it got down to showtime I decided to run to the bakery at a local grocery store and see if they could decorate a cake that fit into the theme.  Between now and the next round of birthdays I am going to work on my cake baking, frosting recipes, and cake decorating skills.

I added a personal touch and helped tie the cake into the overall theme by making a pennant cake bunting. It was super simple to make and fit in with the rest of the decor perfectly.  Now I can call this cake semi-homemade! 

Cake Bunting Instructions

 Cake Bunting Instructions

  1. I used the patterns I had created for the rest of the party decor and fit them onto a 4×6 print. I liked getting my decorations printed at Costco because the colors are vibrant and the paper is thick.  Each pattern was 2×2 inches. I needed 2 prints to make my mini cake bunting.
  2. Cut the patterned squares into triangles.
  3. Use coordinating ribbon and hot glue gun the top side of the triangle to the ribbon.
  4. Tie the bunting to some sticks.  I used cookie sticks.

Mini Cake Bunting

Cake Bunting


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