Sweet & Salty – Birthday Party Hat Chex Mix Trash

I’ve gotta warn you.  You may want to stay away from this snack.  It is a little addicting.  It is the perfect combination of a sweet and salty snack.  Chex Mix Trash (sometimes called Texas Trash) is an easy to make treat.  I like to make it for parties, camping, holiday get-togethers – just about anything.  Why?  It is sooo simple and sooo delicious.

For Bree’s party, I decided to make the Chex Mix Trash for a birthday party favor.  I saw this adorable party hat chex mix idea on Pinterest and knew I had to make it.

Party Hat Chex Mix Trash

Party Hat Chex Mix Trash

Chex Mix Trash Recipe

  • 4 cups Chex Mix – I usually use corn chex, but rice chex works fine as well
  • 4 cups Pretzels
  • 4 cups Cheerios
  • 12 oz Peanuts or Mixed Nuts
  • 2 lbs White Chocolate / Almond Bark

Bugle Party Hat Recipe

  • Sprinkles
  • Bugles (caramel flavor recommended)
  • Colored candy melts
  • Spice drops
  • Non pareils sprinkles

Chex Mix Trash Recipe Instructions

Salty Ingredients

Measure dry ingredients (chex, pretzels, cheerios, nuts) and put in large bowl.

Mix Salty Ingredients


Melt Chocolate

Melt chocolate in microwave.  I start with a 60 second interval, mix, then cook for 30 second melting and mixing intervals until it is completely melted.

Add Sweet to Salty

Pour white chocolate on top of dry ingredients.

Mix White Chocolate

Mix to evenly coat dry ingredients with melted chocolate.

Spread over wax paper

Spread over wax paper.

Spread Sprinkles


Chex Mix Party Trash

Sprinkle sprinkles all over the mix then let it cool.  Once it is cooled break into bite size chunks.

Bugle Party Hats Tutorial

Party Hat Ingredients

Separate ingredients.  Melt chocolate in microwave.

Cover bugles with colored melts

Cover bugles with melted chocolate.  Put spice drop at the tip of the bugle.  *Tip.  I had some Bugles break when I was trying to insert the tip of the bugle into the spice drop.  The blog I found this on recommended using the caramel bugles because they are a little stronger.  Something I found worked well was to “pre-drill” the hole in the bottom of the spice drop so it went on easily once the chocolate was on the bugle.

Dip bugle in non pareils

Dip the bottom of the bugle in the non pareils.  Use the spice drop as a “handle” to dip it in without making a mess.

Let hats dry

Put hats on wax paper and allow to dry.

Chex Party Hat Mix

Combine Chex Mix Trash and Bugle Party Hats to make a perfect snack for a birthday party.


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