Clothespin Picture Frame

I love the organized casualness of displaying pictures with clothespins.  I like to paint the clothespins and/or embellish with scrapbook paper to coordinate with the party or holiday I am decorating for.

Last year, for my kids birthday parties I made a clothespin picture garland around a table.  This year, I decided to consolidate the picture display into an empty picture frame.

Clothespin Picture Frame Tutorial

The first step was to spray paint the picture frame.  I loved the gradient effect of the colors subtly overlapping.  I love how this frame turned out and hope it will be making some additional appearances.

I used my Silhouette to make a happy birthday banner for the frame.  I used different colors of card stock and the free font Elise.

I nailed nails along the perimeter of the frame and strung a piece of string from each side.

I painted some small clothespins in bright colors and attached my favorite photos to the string using the clothespins.

So easy!

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