Countdown to Easter

Are our house, we are always looking forward to the next party, event, or get together.  When my kids know it is getting close to a birthday or holiday they will anxiously and relentlessly ask, “How many more days until _____?”

One way I have managed this is by downloading an app for my phone called Count Days.  With this app, you input the date of an event and it will display how many days until that event.  The kids regularly scroll through the upcoming events and excitedly announce things like “Only 350 more days until my birthday!” and “In 1984 days I will be a teenager!”

For the events that are right around the corner (such as Easter) I have been creating countdown magnetic boards.  I made a countdown to Christmas and a countdown to Valentine’s Day and they were a lot of fun. You can fill the countdown tins with messages, treats, or activities.  I haven’t decided what the Easter countdown will include this year, but it will probably be candy.

DIY Countdown to Easter

Here is a quick tutorial for making the countdown tins.  There are additional tutorials with the Christmas countdown and Valentine’s countdown.


Print the patterns for the tins. <<Free printable – download below!!>>

Cut circle shapes using a 2″ circle paper punch.  My favorite paper punch is this squeeze punch by Fiskars.

Look at the pretty paper scraps. :)

You will have a bunch of cute paper circles.

Cover each circle with Modge Podge and insert into the top of a favor tin.

Attach magnets with a glue gun.

Find something metal to attach the magnetic tins to.  I found these darling magnetic boards that worked perfect.  They come in several different colors, sizes, and styles.  I have a feeling these boards will make their way into many future projects.  Other ideas for displaying the boards would be in an 8×10 frame with sheet metal like I used for the Valentine’s countdown or simply putting them on your fridge.

DIY Advent Calendar Supplies

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Free Printable Easter Countdown


  1. says

    Absolutely incredible!! I love all of your cute papers. And a countdown is always a fun idea for kids! I want to make one for my Little Man!!

    • says

      Thanks Rachel! My older kids enjoy the daily surprise and my toddler loves getting into all of the tins and making a mess of them :). Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

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