DIY Dessert Stand

I picked up a simple 3-tiered glass dessert stands a few months ago.  When I bought them I was looking for a simple cake stand that I could reuse for anything and decided to go with glass because it would go with anything.  My set is similar to this one on

I wanted to have some treats and snacks out at Emily’s birthday/Halloween party and decided the 3-tiered dessert stand would be a good way to serve the goodies.  To craft it up a bit, I added some Halloween scrapbook paper circles to each tier of the stand.  So easy!

Easy DIY Dessert Stand

How to Make Your Own Paper Circles

I know there are tools to make various sized circles out of paper, but I thought I would make my circles the old fashioned way.  I pulled out a compass and determined what size I needed to make the circle based on the size of the tier then drew a circle on the back of the scrapbook paper.  I then pulled out some scissors and cut my circles.

I like this idea because it can be reused for any holiday or party theme.  Not to mention it is easy and cheap!


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