Friday 5 – Lightening Storms, Just Dance, The Idea Room, Ho Hey, & Survive

Here are the 5 random things that make me happy this week.

1: Lightening Storms

Image Source | Java Jive

I love summer lightening storms.  We have had a couple brief lightening storms this week, but I’m hoping for more.

2: Just Dance

Image Source | Gamr Review

I played Just Dance for the first time this week and had a blast.  I was sweating quite a bit and I actually think I got a pretty good workout.

3: The Idea Room

The Idea Room is one of my favorite blogs that I have been following as longs as I have been “following” blogs.

I originally found Amy’s blog when she was on Studio 5 sharing her Valentine’s heart wreath. What a beautiful project!  Some of her other projects I adore include her tissue rosette balls that are everywhere on Pinterest and the rainbow cake she made for her daughter’s birthday.

She has great ideas, is a great blogger, and an inspirational mom.  I can tell how much she loves her family and how important they are to her in her writing and through the special things she does for them.

4: Ho Hey

Wow.  I. Love. This Song.  It is very high on my favorites list right now.  I’ve listened to it many, many times this week.  I can’t quite put my finger on why I like it so much.  Maybe it’s the folksy feel to it.

5: Survive

Image Source | Flickr – Schadel

This picture made me smile.  It is exactly how I feel this week.  I had big plans at the beginning of this week.  The week ended up looking like this to-do list.  I am usually a night owl, but this week I have been incredibly tired and ended up going to bed 2+ hours earlier than I normally do and needing mid-day naps on a couple days.  Needless to say – I haven’t got much done as I had intended.

Happy Friday!

I told my mom to call me if she ever sees a beautiful sunset so I can get some pictures.  She called me last night to let me know that there was a rainbow and a beautiful sunset.  I wasn’t able to get out in time to see it or take pictures.  Grrrrr.  Oh well.

I hope you have fun weekend plans! I do… :)


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