Lemonade Stand Sign

I don’t know if you can get any more creative and cute than anything created by a kid.

My daughter is endlessly creative and always has crayons or scissors within arms reach for her projects.  For birthday and Christmas gifts, she would be more likely to ask for craft supplies than Barbies.

When school was coming to a close and summer quickly approaching, she started organizing the neighborhood kids to plan a lemonade stand.  She had a folder where she kept track of the plans, who was assigned what, pictures, graphs, etc.

When school was finally out, one of the first things on her agenda was to have her lemonade stand.  First on the list of to-do’s was to create
the lemonade stand sign.

She advertised the price of the lemonade.

She created compelling graphics.

She is even on trend with the striped straw.

I love that she used block letters – block letters are hard to draw! I love that she spelled lemonade leomonade.  I love the cute lemons around the glass of lemonade. Most of all, I love that she made it all by herself.

I love my kids.

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