You’ve Been Loved – Free Printable

You’ve heard of the “You’ve been BOOed” and “You’ve been ELFed” Halloween and Christmas activities, right?  Well, this is another take on it for Valentine’s day.  It is a free printable “You’ve Been Loved” sign and instructions. 

I have to credit this idea to my crafty daughter.  They felt so special when we randomly received treats on our doorstep when a neighboor BOOed us.  She was thinking of some activities we could do together and said, “MOM!  You know that Boo thing?  Can we make a you’ve been loved thing to give to the neighbors?”

The simplest gestures can mean the most and have a big impact.  I also love the idea that it is anonymous because it kind of promotes a “we’re neighbors and we all love each other” connection in the community. 

Start a Valentine’s Day tradition in your neighborhood – You’ve Been Loved treats

To start a neighborhood LOVE, secretly leave a treat, a You’ve Been Loved sign, and Love instructions on a neighbor’s doorstep.

The neighbor will enjoy the treats, post the We’ve Been Loved sign on their door or a front window so other neighbors will know that neighbor was already loved.

The recipient of the LOVE creates two LOVE treats, signs, and instructions for other neighbors which creates a cascade of LOVE in the neighboorhood.

To start your neighboorhood LOVE, select your favorite We’ve Been LOved sign and download below.  Make a small gift or treat and attach the We’ve Been Loved sign and instructions.  Secretly deliver it to some neighbor’s doorsteps and wach the love spread.

Get your kids involved. It is a fun activity for them to participate in.

You’ve Been Loved – Free Printable Polka Dot Border Sign  

You’ve Been Loved – Free Printable Stripes Sign 


You’ve Been Loved – Pink Sign and Instructions


You’ve Been Loved – Black and White Sign and Instructions

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You’ve Been Loved Free Printable Download

I created two designs and made a color and black and white version of each design.  I designed it so you could print the sign and instructions on one sheet.  Spread the LOVE!  Enjoy!


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