Play Doh – Unexpected Science Experiment

Play Doh is the ultimate kid toy – right up there with Legos and Barbies.  This morning I stumbled into an unexpected science experiment with play doh.  I kind of assumed that play doh never went “bad” as long as you packaged it up tightly after each use. After getting the play doh accessories out for my youngest to experiment with, I learned that “yeah, it can definitely go bad.”

Does play doh go bad?

I never even considered if play doh had a shelf life.  After my run in with the yucky play doh this morning I decided to take it up with Google?  I couldn’t find anything that gave a definitive answer about the shelf life of play doh.  In fact, the general consensus seems to be that “play doh never goes bad, trust me” and “play doh is good as long as it hasn’t dried up.”  A good practice when playing with play doh – wash your hand before and after.

So, the million dollar question – will I continue to let the kids play with play doh?  Of course!  A child can’t have a proper childhood without experimenting and creating with play doh.  I just need to make sure I cycle through the play doh more often.

I love the small play doh cans.  You can get a bunch of different colors and they are a great size.  If you need any more of a certain color, you can just combine multiple cans.  The other benefit is if they combine colors (that doesn’t happen right?), you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing it out.  And yet another benefit — you can cycle through it so the play doh doesn’t go bad!

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    I love that you made something that was potentially very yukkie into something so beautiful – such gorgeous photos! I make play doh for my kids and they love it…but it definitely goes off after a while.

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