Polka Dot Party

Bree is getting a little older and some of the “cute” birthday party theme ideas didn’t go over very well.  The idea for a polka dot party theme was a balance between her wanting to be a little girl and wanting to grow up and be a teenager.

Polka Dot Party Decor

Polka Dot Party Decor

To help tie the theme all together, I designed three 11×14 prints that matched the colors, decor, and theme of the rest of the party.  I picked up a few cheap frames from Michael’s and plan on using them for other parties, holidays and events.

Polka Dot Cake & Cupcakes

Polka Dot Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

I originally tried to make the cake on my own, but it didn’t really turn out.  At the last minute I bought a store bought cake and I made a mini cake bunting.  I also found some polka dot cupcake liners that matched the colors of the party perfectly.  The polka dot cupcake toppers matched the rest of the printable decor and helped tie everything together.

Polka Dot Cake Table Display

Polka Dot Birthday Party Cake Table

On the morning of the big day, I picked up some coordinating polka dot balloons from Zurchers.  I didn’t pay the extra 10 cents for the hi-float balloons.  I totally should have.  The balloons were all dead by the next morning.  For my son’s party the next week, I went all out and got the hi-float balloons and they ended up lasting a whole week before we finally popped them.

Polka Dot Happy Birthday Banner

Polka Dot Happy Birthday Banner

A custom happy birthday banner helped tie it all together.

Polka Dot Happy Birthday Decor

Polka dot happy birthday banner, balloons, clothespin picture party banner coordinating decorations.

Party Hat Chex Mix Snack

Party Hat Chex Mix Trash

I made party hat chex mix trash as a snack and a favor.

Polka Dot Birthday Party Favor Bags

Chex Mix Polka Dot Party Favor

And turned it into a favor with a polka dot happy birthday printable bag topper.

Polka Dot Cupcake Topper Printables

Polka Dot Cupcakes

I was happy with how the cupcakes turned out.  I loved the coordinating polka dot cupcake liners.  I mixed in red sprinkles into the cupcake batter to make pink polka dot cupcakes.

Hanging Balloons

Hanging Balloons Birthday Party Decor

Hanging balloons were an easy way to decorate and tie in the colors of the birthday party.  I hung the balloons from the chandelier that hangs over the table.

Clothespin Picture Banner

Clothespin picture banner along table

It was fun going through and selecting pictures from the last year.  I picked my favorites and made them black and white.  I decorated the clothespins by using cute scrapbook paper that coordinated with the party decor.

Coordinating Polka Dot Paper Plates and Napkins

Polka Dot Party Paper Plates

I picked these up at Target and used them as inspiration for the rest of the birthday party decor.

Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

I got this polka dot wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.  I love the wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby – it is thick which makes it easier to cut and the rolls have a lot of paper.


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    I always really enjoy looking at everyone else’s party decorations online! Looks like you pulled together quite a beautiful one! I really like the clothespin picture banner. What a unique idea!

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