Rainbow Cakes

10 Best Rainbow Cake Ideas

I love rainbow cakes.  I really, really love rainbow cakes.  They are my all-time favorite birthday cake ideas.   I fell in love with rainbow cakes when Amy from the Idea Room featured one on her blog a few years ago.  It is a pretty simple and leave-you-speechless way to celebrate a birthday.

I had a rainbow themed birthday party for my daughter a couple of years ago and chickened out of making her a homemade rainbow cake.  I’ve been hoping for a chance to throw another rainbow party and have the chance this year.  We are throwing my almost 8-year-old an art party in about 2 weeks.  I am determined to right my mistake from 2 years ago and make her a homemade rainbow cake.

In preparation for the party, I’ve put together ten of the best rainbow cakes I’ve come across.

Tall Rainbow Birthday Cake

Image Source | The Meta Picture

Wow!  I don’t know if words can even begin to describe how incredible this rainbow cake is.  It is so perfect, I have a hard time believing someone really made it and it isn’t a drawing.

Inspired by: Subtle transition between each color

Sixlet Candy Covered Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Sprinkles Bakes

I love the simple, yet sophisticated look of this rainbow cake.  It would be a “something even I could do” cake that would turn out stunning.

Inspired by: Candies covering the cake, diagonal pattern, shape of the cake

Candy Skewers Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Chickabug

This rainbow party featured on Chickabug is a rainbow universe.  If you want to see a great rainbow party, this one has it all.

Inspired by: Candy skewered cake topper, sides of cake left un-frosted to show bright cake layers

Fondant Stripes Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Meaningful Mama

When I saw this rainbow cake a few months ago, I wanted to run out and buy a clay extruder so I can make this cake someday.  What a clever idea.

Inspired by: Concept, bright colors, clean lines

Tulle Skirt Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Ramblings from the Sunshine State

The tulle skirt on this cake stand was somewhat of a happy accident.  The birthday girl refused to wear it, so it was added to the bottom of the cake stand. How gorgeous!

Inspired by: Rainbow pennant banner, tulle rainbow cake stand skirt

Skittles Rainbow Cake

Image Source | The Idea Room

This is the cake that made me fall in love with rainbow cakes.  Thank you Amy!  I love the simple rainbow design using Skittles.

Inspired by: Simple design, Skittles, marshmallow clouds

Twizzlers Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Fowl Single File

I love the clever use of rainbow Twizzlers to embellish the cake.  What a great idea to cut a thin slice off the Twizzlers to make a star.

Inspired by: Design, rainbow Twizzlers, coordinating candles

Many Colors Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Oh Happy Day

If I were to cut open this cake and see the variety of colors and layers, I would probably pass out because my breath would be taken away.  Wow.  What an amazing cake!

Inspired by: Layers, colors, shape

Layered Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Flickr – Wiselyn-Chosen

I don’t know what I like more – the colored frosting or the sprinkles.  I think the frosting wins!

Inspired by: Colors, sprinkles, layers

Beautiful Frosting Rainbow Cake

Image Source | Crafty Mama

It I had the talent and courage to frost the top of the cake like Crafty Mama did with this rainbow cake, this would definitely be the direction I would take for the cake I will be baking soon.

Inspired by: Frosting, design

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?

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