Spider Party

Get ready for some pictures.  I had a lot of fun with Emily’s spider birthday party theme.  It obviously works great for Halloween and was cute for a little girl’s first birthday party as well.  The spider party theme all began with the spider cake idea I got when I was looking for Halloween decorations.

If you aren’t able to tell by all the pictures, I’ll just tell you now.  I had SOOO much fun with this party!

Spider Party Ideas for Halloween or a Birthday

I designed all the banners and pictures to have a spider theme starting with the birthday party invitation.  I used black and purple as the main party colors because they are great Halloween colors and using purple also keeps it kind of girlie.

I found a beautiful black lace spider table runner that I used on the cake table.

Again, inspired by Tidy Mom, I made some sparkling black cupcakes with beady eyes and some purple spider ring cupcakes.

I saw this simple and oh so cute idea on pinterest.  All you do is attach magnets to the back of some plastic spiders.  I used some black spider rings I had around and cut off the ring part then hot glued the magnet on.

I found some black metal spider legs at a local home decor store and used some purple Christmas ornaments for the spider’s body.  I also ran into these cute Halloween picture frames at Kohl’s and put a picture of Emily when she was a newborn and one I took a couple weeks ago.

I was happy with how my prints turned out.  I thought that my frames were 16×20 sized, so I got 16×20 prints.  When I got home to put them in the frames I realized that the frames were actually 11×14.  No need to fear, wonder mom is here.  I cut the prints down to 11×14 sized and it worked out just great.  My favorite part of the prints – the cute pink bow on the spider. :)

I also put together a Trick or Treat banner that can be used for non-birthday party decor.

I posted about my Halloween decorations in another post, but here they are again.

My favorite – the spider bowl!

Every birthday has to have balloons, right?  I picked up these elegant designs from Zurchers.  Again, tieing into the purple and black party theme.

My great friend’s sister had a Halloween birthday party earlier this month and decorated with these cute paper bats.  She let me use them for my party.  I love the simplicity and dimension it added to the party.

Thumbs up!

My daughter made this cute witch head at school and then made the rest of the body while I was cleaning and getting decorated for the party.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right!

Another shot of the cake table. Can you tell I liked how it all came together!

Let us not forget the clothespin picture banner.  I made these for my other kids birthday parties as well.

I loved going through and picking out Emily’s pictures.  She has changed so much this last year.

Yet…. I’m also a little depressed.  How did she get so big, so quick!  I knew it would happen quick since I’ve experienced this before – but you always hope it will be different (slower).

I like how the pictures hang along the edge of the table.

Gotta love the simplicity and elegance of these black and white pumpkins.  Again, got the idea to decorate pumpkins using pantyhose off of pinterest.  Can you tell I love that site?

Close-up of the Trick or Treat banner.  I printed these at Costco as 4×6 prints then got the prints laminated so I can use it again.  I found these cute spider stickers at Walmart and used them to embellish a couple of the letters.

And finally, the Happy Birthday banner close-up.  See the spider webs?  Maybe I’ll use this again next year.  I guess I’ll have to decide a theme.

Only a year until the next party!  I better pick a theme and get planning.  Pinterest…. here I come!


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