Spook the Halls

If you deck the halls at Christmas, do you spook the halls at Halloween?  I didn’t get “in” to decorating for Halloween until last year when my son said, “Mom when are you going to decorate the house for Halloween?”  He had been at a friends house and seen some cute decorations there so he was hoping we could get some at our place.  We went to a couple home decor stores and craft stores and picked out a few decorations.  He was so happy.  One of my happy memories growing up was when my mom decorated our house for the holidays (Christmas being the biggest – of course).  I decided to make Halloween a bigger/funner decorating holiday and have really enjoyed making crafts and getting decorated for Halloween.  Now that my baby’s birthday is right before Halloween, I can see Halloween taking on a life of it’s own!

Here are some of the decorations I’ve put up around the house this year.  I have a couple of “areas” of decor and this is my “traditional Halloween colors decorations” area.

Spider Bowl

I picked up this spider last year at a local home decor store.  The legs of the spider are bendable.  I wrapped the legs around the bowl to make my “rest of the year decor” easily turn into a DIY Halloween decoration.

Halloween Bucket List

I designed this to match with my traditional Halloween color decorations area and made it available as a free printable.  I think this Halloween bucket list is a great way to remember the fun things to do to celebrate Halloween.

DIY Halloween Decor – Halloween Tree

This DIY Halloween Tree was an easy craft to add to the decor.  I love the colors and designs.

Halloween Family Pictures

I like to use pictures that match the season/holiday in my decorating.  I think it helps tie everything together and keep things fresh.

 Halloween Decor Table Arrangement

I like how this table came together. The purple witch hat is sitting on a tall candlestick.

 Halloween Tree & Witch Hat

 Spider in the Spider Web

This simple black spider web sits over the mirror with a glittery spider chillin’ on the web.

Dressed Up Witches Broom

I found these glittery black witches brooms at Hobby Lobby. They looked kind of plain, so I dressed them up with some coordinating ribbon.

Black & Purple Glitter Candles

I found these fantastic candles at Michaels.

Christmas Ornaments for Halloween Decor!?

I pulled out some of my whimsical Christmas ornaments to use as basket filler filler for my Spider basket.  Love it!


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    I just found your blog and I am in love. This table display is seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Thanks for leaving me totally inspired.

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