Spring Printable – Butterfly Decor

It’s spring!  Holla. We made it through the dark and gloomy winter.    Winter was especially bad this year because there was NO SNOW!  Some people might think I’m out of my mind for saying that, but one of the only redeeming things about winter (and to be clear, I’m talking about the days after Christmas until spring), is the snow.  I love snow because the kids have tons of fun making snowmen and throwing snowballs and i love how a blanket of snow makes the world beautiful.  Not to mention, snow days = free days to lounge around in sweats and cuddle up in blankets.

Free Spring Printable – Caterpillar to Butterfly

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

When I came across this quote, I thought it was perfectly springy.  It also has a great message – don’t give up hope, you may be on the verge of becoming a butterfly.

Pink Butterfly Printable for Spring

There are two designs.  The pink design is monochromatic and would look great in a white frame.

Multi-colored Pastel Printable for Spring

The other design is perfectly springy with pastel butterflies flying off the page.  Do you like the $1 gigantic clothespin I’m using to display the print?  I picked it up at Michaels in their dollar bins.  I love this alternative to displaying seasonal printables.

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Free Spring Printable Downloads

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