Star Wars Decor Ideas – Lego Specimen Art


Lego Star Wars Specimen Art Tutorial

Remove the back of your frame, matte, and glass so all you have is the frame.

I bought a roll of metal a few months ago for my Valentine’s Countdown frame.  I had a lot of metal left over and saved it for other craft projects.  I found it in the roofing section.  There were several different sizes and lengths.

Place the frame backing (is there a more legitimate name for it?) on the metal and trace the size of the frame onto the metal.

Use your metal cutters and cut along the line.

Place the cut metal piece inside the frame and put the frame back together.

I picked up these Lego Star Wars magnets at the Lego store in Anaheim when we visited Disneyland last year.  I didn’t know what I would do with them at the time and this idea was perfect!  You can get the Lego Star Wars magnets from as well.  If you already have Lego figures, you can purchase the magnet stands from

Arrange you figures so they are equally spaced in the frame.

I put Lego Yoda in the middle of the frame because he’s my favorite.

After I made this, I had to warn my son that he wasn’t allowed to take the Lego figures and play with them.  It was hard for him to come to terms with that, but he agreed to keep it as a decoration instead of a toy. (Before you throw me a “bad mom” look, he has all but 2 of these Lego figures already, so he isn’t deprived).

I love how this turned out!  I am having so much fun decorating my boys bedroom in a Star Wars theme and look forward to sharing some more ideas soon.

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