Sundaes on Sunday

I was responsible for helping plan a church social that was promoted as “Sundaes on Sunday” a little over a year ago.  We had a smorgasbord of tasty toppings and delicious ice cream available for attendees.  That day I decided that our family  could use a new family tradition and we began a weekly tradition of having sundaes on Sunday.

Sundaes on Sunday

I’ll admit it.  I started the sundaes on Sunday family tradition as a bribe.  I told my kids that if they were good at church, they could have a sundae as a reward.  Enough said.  They had the best week at church ever.  I let the kids pick what toppings they want and every Sunday evening we enjoy a delicious ice cream sundae for dessert.

Costco’s Kirkland brand ice cream is the BEST (seriously) ice cream I have ever bought from the store.  It is serious goodness.  It is all natural and is delightful.

Each sundae starts with a couple of scoops of ice cream.  (Mine might start with a few scoops :)).

Everyone picks the toppings they want for their sundae.  Andrew’s toppings are usually chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and crushed up Oreo bits. We ran out of chocolate syrup this week.

Bree usually has chocolate syrup, sprinkles, a mini candy bar, and some cool whip.  This week she choose mini M&M’s.

Mmmmmmmmm.  Ice cream sundae.

My sundae consists of crumbled Oreo pieces and some Cool Whip.

I love sundaes and I especially love sundaes on Sunday!  What a great way to start the new week.  Enjoy!


  1. Jennifer Marsh says

    This is simple, and pure genius! I am *SO* not above bribing my kids, and I’ve been trying to find a way to make Sundays more FUN. I’ve tried making a fun breakfast, but it just ends up being to stressful to do that and get everyone to church on time. Thank you!

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