DIY Turquoise Picture Frame Makeover

I am in the “it’s spring!” and “school is almost over” and “time to get teacher appreciation gifts ready” mood.  I have a great teacher appreciation gift idea on it’s way, but before we get to that I wanted to give you a sneak peek on the preparations for the gift.

Turquoise is Hip

The teacher appreciation gift I am preparing for my daughter’s teacher requires a frame.  I scoured the local craft and home decor stores and didn’t find the right picture frame to fit my project. I decided to makeover a picture frame I picked up at the store.

When trying to decide on a color for the frame I thought, “Well, duh!  Have you been to Pinterest lately?  It’s all about turquoise.”  Turquoise has the ability to instantly brighten up an area and I decided it would be the perfect color for the frame makeover.

Turquoise Picture Frame Tutorial

DIY Turquoise Picture Frame Supplies

For this project you will need:

  • Picture frame (I got a great deal on mine at ROSS)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sand paper or sand block

Pour your paint onto a paper plate.  I used Tahiti Blue and North Sea by Ceramcoat.

Remove glass and any chipboard from the frame.  I put a piece of white paper to cover the back of the frame so I didn’t get paint on it.  Sand the finish from the frame.

Paint your base color and cover the entire frame.  It doesn’t have to look perfect because for this project we are going for a distressed look.  It is alright for some of the original frame color to peek through.

I applied 2 coats of the base color and let it dry for awhile.

To get the distressed look, I lightly applied the darker turquoise paint while the light coat was still a little wet.

Don’t worry about messing up.  You can add more of the base color.  I experimented a bit with mixing colors and my brush stroke technique to get the look I liked.

The frame is a trendy picture frame that will work great for my teacher appreciation gift.  Stay tuned…

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