Hookin’ Up with HoH #165 THE FINAL PARTY

Shall we start this post out with a little Theory of a Dead Man? I think we shall… “It’s the end of the summer. It’s the end of it all! Those days are gone, it’s over now, we’re moving on.”

This is it. The last Hookin’ Up with HoH weekly link party. It’s been a fun 165 weeks, but all good things must come to an end. Fortunately for y’all, I’m even more dedicated to the blog than ever so stick around for lots new material – just no more linky parties. I’ve got a new fixer-upper house, a new lease on life, and a new attitude!

I’ll admit, part of me is relieved; part of me is crying. It’s bittersweet, but I know for me and my blog, this is the best decision. I suggest you join my brand new shiny group Pinterest board and start pinning your awesome projects over there. You’ll probably get as much, if not more traffic than from being featured here.

And now, without further adieu, my favorites from last weeks link party:

It’s Always Autumn makes me want to call myself a seamstress. Maybe one day I’ll bust out the ol’ machine and try my hand at making a shirt. This shirt makes me want to sew!

This DIY Corn Hole Game from The Blissful Bee looks fun and trendy. I love it when those two words come together in a sentence.

Our Mini Family decorated her laptop keys with washi tape. Um, hello, I’m SO doing this. Adorable.

What an awesome transformation from The Learner Observer. Who would have thought an ugly 80′s wall unit would look SO GOOD as a made-over kitchen hutch? Great job!

Life on Virginia Street is killing me with this office teaser post. The dark moulding wall is EXACTLY what I have on my to-do list for one of our rooms. Same color and everything. I think she’s a mind reader. ;) I am definitely going to be following along on this makeover.

On The V Side wow’s again. Man, navy and gold are so hot this season! I just LOVE navy, and this dresser just has the wow factor going on.

Make your own Ultimate Tailgating Caddy with That’s What {Che} Said‘s tutorial. You can’t have football games without tailgating! You guys know I’m a huge Texas Longhorn fan who loves going to the games and hanging out beforehand.

Thrifty & Chc made that awesome mirror on her wall. And I bet you think it’s wicker, don’t you?! NOPE. It’s rope and paint sticks. I am not even kidding. GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW.

Angela Says: Tips for a Cleaner Home made some petite sized homemade laundry soap tabs. Seriously, I so want to do this. I know I’ve said so for like a year, but for real, I really want to do this. I just always forget once I’m at the store. But really, this is on my to-do list.

Vixen Made a Scooby Doo party. OMG, adorbs. I am such a sucker for Scooby Doo movies, especially ones that have Matthew Lillard, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Wrup. This party is spot-on.

Smart Girl Style shares how to paint a rug. And I just love her blog, so go follow her right now.

These White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Bites from I Dig Pinterest have me drooling and my stomach growling at me. I am a sucker for white chocolate and macadamia rolled together into a cookie. Yuuuuuummmmmm!

If you’ve been featured you are AWESOME so grab a button and tell everyone!

And that’s a wrap! The last party ever. Thank you to each of you for coming here week after week to link up your projects. This party would be nothing without each of you, so thank you! I appreciate each of you and wish you the very best with your own blogs. Please stop by and say hello occasionally! Or better yet, make sure I’m in your reader and keep following along every day!

Peace out my friends! It’s been a blast!


Hookin Up with HoH #164 (+ good news and bad news)

Good news and Bad news.

I’ll start with the bad news. Everyone likes getting the good stuff at the end. ;)

The Hookin’ Up with HoH link party is going kaput. Donzo. Bye-bye. Outta here. This week will be the last weekly Hookin’ Up with HoH party House of Hepworths will ever host. Sniff. Next week I’ll have one last party (let’s end on a good number like 165) to share all the features, but at the end of the features there won’t be any party to link to.

The good news? You can link up all your awesome posts to the group Pinterest board I created last week to replace the link party. Click here to join the other 65+ bloggers who have already joined and are pinning fools.

“But Why? Why oh why are you retiring the best link party to ever grace the blogsphere?” (Said through gnashing teeth and wailing.)

I started this party a month after I started my blog over three and a half years ago. Blogging has changed a ton since then. When I started, pinterest wasn’t invented. There was no Instagram. DIY/Home Blog conferences were just a far off dream. It’s just time to move on from the link party. It did it’s job. It was a lot of fun. I met a ton of new friends and found some of my most favorite blogs. But now, blogging has changed. It has evolved. And as fun as some traditions are, you just have to ride the wave and let it take you where it goes, even if it leaves some great things behind.

I’ll admit though, I’m sad. It’s bitter-sweet. I have never known blogging without my link party. For the past three and a half years, I have had an alarm go off on my phone at 6pm every Wednesday night reminding me to “do my link party tonight”. I can’t really explain it, I just “feel” like it’s time to move on from the link party and focus on other ways to help all of you share your content. Please know that I have enjoyed hosting you guys each week. I have loved getting to know you, meeting some great new friends, finding awesome blogs, and the best part for me, helping each of you to share your blogs with a larger audience. I am very fortunate to have a “popular” (that’s a relative term) blog, and I have loved being able to help each one of you grow your blog. There doesn’t need to be one head-dawg blogger out there. We can all shine. There is room for all of us.

Keep on blogging. Continue to have your little corner in the blogsphere. What matters isn’t the pageviews or impressions, but the impression that you are leaving on each and every person out there. There’s a real person behind every “pageview” you receive, and if your voice touches even one person, that matters. It’s isn’t about who has the most comments. Each and every one of those comments is an actual person who took the time to read your blog and then talk to you. Appreciate them and celebrate with them. Blogging should be about the connections and the relationships, not who has the most followers on facebook or instagram.

Okay, off my soap box now. I will miss seeing you guys each week, but will continue to be inspired by your projects every time I check out the new group pinterest board. And now for the last link party ever (minus the features party next week). Have fun!


Please refrain from posting links to shops and stores.

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Here are some of my favorites from last week’s party:

I am loving these geometric succulent planters Desert Domicile created.

It’s Always Autumn created the sweetest little lace blouse and I am ogling over it.

I always feel a little bad about cutting apart a book, but aren’t these book pumpkins just so adorable from Upcycled Treasures?!

Let’s Get Crafty! DIYd a beautiful greek key message board.

I’m not usually a fan of promoting sponsored posts in my link party, but this duct tape clipboard was literally too cute to pass up. You can thank That’s What {Che} Said for the adorable idea.

The House of Wood made this amazing media console and even shared a play-by-play so all of you can make one too.

I am finding this watermelon craft exceptionally adorable tonight. Check out the tutorial over at The Princess & Her Cowboys.

Teal & Lime created some rolling toy storage crates that have me wanting to redo my whole house in an industrial theme.

This back-to-school mantle is one of the cutest things ever. Courtesy of The Happy Housie.

Night Owl Corner renovated an awesome, but worn out, play kitchen. It is so fun now.

I am adding this garlic tip from The Creek Line House to my must-do list next time I reach for a clove (usually because I’m making guacamole).

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Hookin Up with HoH #163 (& an invite to a group pinterest board)

Holla everyone. Glad you are here! I have a fun invite for all of you. I created a group Pinterest board and I would love for you to be a part of it! It’s called the DIYs Crafts & Recipes group board and it’s for all DIY, craft, lifestyle, and recipe bloggers. Right now it has just under 20k followers, so it’s a great way to help you promote your stuff. If you would like an invite, simply email me your email address and a link to your pinterest profile to allison@houseofhepworths.com with the subject line, “PINTEREST GROUP BOARD”. I’ll get an invite over to you right away.

** So, are you new here? I throw the Hookin’ Up with HoH Party every week to give all of you a chance to find other awesome blogs to read. Below you will find several hundred mini links to other people’s blog posts. Have fun browsing through the links in search of new ideas. Also, if you are a blogger, please feel free to add your own links to the list!


Please refrain from posting links to shops and stores.

Please note: RECIPES/FOOD is a separate link. Please make sure you are linking in the appropriate section.

Here are some of my favorites from last week’s party:

Adding beautiful trim to my windows in our new house is at the top of my list (just after painting everything) and Remodelando la Casa has a great tutorial teaching you how to do it!

The Turquoise Home shares what has been on my mind a lot lately – navy! Tons of navy inspiration here.

Here’s an easy tutorial showing you how to create a fake ceiling beam (that looks totally legit!) from Saving 4 Six.

The Junk House created this fun little Eiffel Tower art from some shims.

This Lego mini figure storage display from Clean & Scentsible is pretty amazing. It looks like art now.

A Creative Princess made that W plaque on the shelf for like a dollar? I think she said. Dang! I love DIY!

HouseMADEhome took a dorm room hot pink table and turned it chic and stylish with a little bit of spray paint.

Life on the V Side is living it up with her new planked wall. She shares some great little tips too.

Condo Blues shows how to easily cut a glass bottle. I’ve read several of these tutorials and this one by far seems the easiest.

Check out this amazing beadboard ceiling and shelves from Living Vintage.

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