If you haven’t started the tradition of growing your own Easter grass, it’s time to begin. Not only is it far more environmentally friendly than the plastic scraps you use to fill your children’s baskets, but it’s a great holiday activity to do together.

wheat grass easter DIY Easter grassAll you’ll need:

  • wheat berries/seeds
  • vermiculite or potting soil
  • a basket to grow it in
  • a spray bottle filled with water
  • a piece of plastic, cellophane, or similar to line the basket
  • a sunny spot

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut your cellophane or plastic to be able to line the basket with about an inch or so of overhang. If you use Easter colours in your cellophane, it adds whimsy and colour to your basket. Be careful not to rip it – otherwise you’ll have a leaky mess on your hands.
  2. Fill it with vermiculite, available in gardening centres. Be sure to ask about the source of it; in previous years its been linked to asbestos. Vermiculite is lighter than soil, and stays moist easily. You can also just use potting soil.
  3. Top your soil with wheat berries, then top with about 1/4-1/2-inch layer of vermiculite.
  4. Mist your mini-garden with water from the spray bottle (and do this daily). You’ll want to keep it moist.
  5. It takes about a week to have a fair amount of grass, so be sure to start early! If not, it’s still a great Spring project. (But don’t worry – you’ll see sprouts in just a few days).

Image courtesy of  Mark Boughton; Relish magazine

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