Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Fortunate To Have You

Back in August, we shared this idea on How Does She for a first day of school teacher treat. We thought it would be perfect for teachers (or anyone else you feel fortunate to have) for Valentine's Day too.

what you'll need:
  • a chinese take out box (we picked ours up at michael's craft store)
  • fortune cookies (you can find them at smart n final or albertsons)
  • the label (Download Teacher Fortunate Tags)  or  (Download Blank Fortunate Tags)
  • a 4" scalloped circle
  • a sheet of tissue paper
  • ribbon
  • optional: milk chocolate melts and sprinkles/jimmies
all you need to do is:
  • print your label and cut it out (we used a 3" circle punch)
  • adhere the label to the scalloped circle and attach to the front of the box
  • add the sheet of tissue paper to the bottom of the box
  • and fill it up with fortune cookies
  • tie a bow on the handle
it's as simple as that...

now if you want to earn extra credit:
  • follow the instructions on the bag for melting the chocolate
  • dip half of the cookie in the chocolate and then set it on some wax paper
  • while the chocolate is still wet... sprinkle on some sprinkles or jimmies
  • then wait for the chocolate to harden and fill your boxes with them
* * * * * * *
Go check out a great tip for adding your own fortunes over at...


  1. These are so cute and any teacher would love them, thanks.

  2. Ummmm....gals!!!! I love this one! Like, I'm so "fortunate" to have your excellence to grace my morning! What a DARLING idea! Isn't there something completely magical about Chinese take-out boxes? I'm constantly thinking...."how can I justify buying those?" Well thank you very much. I'm heading to the craft store pronto.

    Now we just gotta figure out how to put funny fortunes in there. Right?

  3. Love it! And I love your blog, I am a recent follower of it, love your posts!

  4. As a teacher I would love to get these. I think I am going to use the blank ones and give them to my students!

    Ms. M

  5. LOVE this idea! Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. LOVE these ... I may have to make a tag that says ... I'm so fortunate to be your teacher :)

    My students would love them!! :)

    LOVE your blog ~

  7. Love these!! Can't wait to make some for the teachers in our lives. I'm featuring this post tomorrow on my blog, thanks for sharing the idea!

  8. I remember thinking this was an awesome idea when I saw your original post. Thank you for the reminder. Don't suppose you could make a tag with "we are" instead of "i'm"??;-) I have twins and would love to give them to their teacher.

  9. Which Cricut cartridge are the scalloped circles on? I saw on a previous post that this is where you were cutting them. I just love how the add that little something extra. Thanks!!!!

  10. We give fortune cookies to the teachers for Valentine's Day every year! Well, I shouldn't say every year...this is our 2nd year, but I am planning on doing it every year. I make the fortune cookies from scratch and the kids write their own fortunes for their teachers on strips of paper. They turn out so cute and heartfelt!

    Your boxes look darling! I bought ones with a Valentine print last year, but I think I will make some similar to yours this year! So cute!


    Here are ours from last year :)

  12. As a fourth grade teacher, I'd be tickled to receive these!

  13. this is so cute for teachers! Do you have any quick valentines to print out for the kids? you come up with great tags and things so valentines would be AWESOME!!!

  14. I love this idea! I was trying to think of something fun to do for some girlfriends for Valentine's Day and this is it. The boxes are darling and filled with decorated fortune cookies....what could be better! Thanks so much for your post.

  15. What a great little and unique valentine's gift. I always love, love your ideas. I just hung your Valentine's Day subway art in my office at work and have been getting lots of compliments. Don't worry, I've been setting them right to your blog!


  16. This is such a cute idea! I found Valentine's Day take out boxes at the dollar store yesterday that would be perfect for this.

  17. How did you glue the label to the box? I've tried Mod Podge, glue and super glue and they keep popping off! They look cute...if only they'd stay on! Thanks!

  18. hi helen. we just used glue dots. you can find them at most craft stores in the adhesive section. hope that helps!
    jen :)

  19. Ah ha! Glue dots! They worked great; thank you. I appreciate you getting back to me. The boxes look so cute. Love your site!

  20. These look great! Thanks for sharing! Featured them on my blog this week! Have a great weekend!

    Blessings to you,

  21. I just discovered your blog today. I LOVE the I'm So Fortunate to Have You idea! I found it on How Does She and linked back to your blog. These are AWESOME! Can I be annoying and make a request? I REALLY want to do these for primary teachers at church, as a thank you from the leaders.
    Is it possible to get a printable that is exactly the same, but that changes the "I'm so..." to "We're so..."?
    I hate to request it, but I REALLY love this idea, and could never make it nearly as cute as you have!!!

  22. Thanks so much!!! Great idea and love the tag :)!

  23. Any way to post a label download that says WE are so fortunate to have you as a teacher instead of I ???? Or email to me directly

  24. Hello, I am a student teacher and I am doing this project as a goodbye gift for my students! Is there any way to edit the blank label? I want to personalize the tags a bit more. My email is Thanks!

  25. I would also LOVE a "we're so fortunate to have you..."