Apr 26

Bride Kit DIY

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Here is a really cute gift for someone someone getting married. It’s a Bride Kit that has little odds and ends you may need during the wedding day when it isn’t convenient to get to the grocery store. For the presentation we got a wood box and made a transfer using Temporary Tattoo Paper. I love the results and can’t wait to experiment more with it. Find all the complete sources and instructions below.

Click through for the free download, more photos and full instructions

Materials Needed: Wood box 8.75″ x 6.75″ from Joann’s Fabrics, Paint and Paintbrush, Free downloaded image,  Temporary Tattoo Paper, a spoon, scissors and items to fill the box like: Visine, headache medicine, lotion, perfume, chapstick, bobby pins, etc.

Step 1: Lightly sand the box. Paint the box with craft paint. You could remove the hardware or just carefully paint around it.
Step 2: Download the image here and follow the instructions on the package of the tattoo paper. The kind we used came in two parts, a white sheet, and a green sheet. Print the design on the glossy side of the white sheet on your inkjet printer with the photo setting. The image should be reversed
Step 3: Carefully peel the green sheet apart and place the adhesive face down on the design on the white sheet. You burnish it all over with something like a spoon to get it stuck down really well and get out any bubbles.
Step 4: Cut the design out right along the edge of the outer box of the design. Peel the other side of the (formerly) green sheet off, leaving just the thin, waxy layer over the design on the white sheet. It’s very sticky at this point.
Step 5: Carefully position and stick the design down centered on the lid of the box. Stick down well everywhere.
Step 6: Lay a very damp (but not drippy) paper towel over the design and allow it to saturate the back of the white sheet for about 15 seconds. The paper should become translucent and you’ll be able to see the design. Rub any dry looking areas with the wet paper towel.
Step 7: Starting from one corner, slowly and carefully lift away the white paper backing from the design. If any bits of the design start to lift with the backing, lay it back down and rub those areas with the wet paper towel again. It should come away easily, so if it’s sticking, add more water.
Step 8: Once the paper backing has been removed, if there are any air bubbles where the film with the design is not stuck to the surface, you can use a little bit of the white backing paper to rub them onto the surface. (It’s very slippery and won’t damage the thin film the design is on. Don’t use your fingers because they will tear it and mess it up.) Once it’s dry, it’s much more durable, but you could put a clear coat of wipe on poly over the design if you wanted to make it more durable.

photos and styling by Alexis Birkmeyer



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