Bubble Painting

Bubble painting is not a new idea, but kids LOVE it.  This was one of the stations at Annika’s Art party and it was a huge hit.

You will need to mix:

  • A squirt of dish soap
  • 15 drops drops of neon food coloring
  • 1/2 cup of Water

I tested each color before the kiddos arrived, just to make sure it was bright.  You will also need a lot of straws, one for each kid.  I gave them a new straw each time they came back to this station.

Simply have the kiddos blow, and blow and blow until they have a huge pile of bubbles.  Next press the paper gently into the bubbles allowing them to pop on the paper.  Repeat the process with as many colors as the kids want.  The end result is amazing.  If you have not tried this with your kiddos yet you need to.

My sister in-law teaches preschool and mentioned that if you poke a hole in the straw near the top it will prevent the kids from sucking up the bubble solution.  We did not have a problem with any kids accidently drinking the solution, but if you have younger kiddos it might be a good idea.

Until next time... xoxo Tammy!  

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12 thoughts on “Bubble Painting

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all the art party details – it looks like everyone had a blast!! I tried bubble painting with my kids last summer & it was a bust. Can you give me a teeny bit more specific idea of how much dish soap vs. water you used? Thank you!

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