Lightning over Manila, Philippines

Posted on 29. May, 2010 by in 35mm 1.4L, Canon 5D Mark II, Manila, Night, Philippines, Photography

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Lightning over Manila, Philippines
Shot taken from our condo, high up over Makati.
Later I may post tips on how to photograph lightning if anyone is keen.
Canon 5D Mark II Lightning over Manila, PhilippinesCanon EF 35mm f/1.4L Lightning over Manila, Philippines| @ f/4.0 | 7 sec | ISO100

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  • Jen Qld


    • javajive

      Hi Jen, how's everything down under? Are you missing much about Indonesia yet?

  • stoutyHK

    Would be very interested to know how you took it. Also what (if any) processing you did.

    Awesome photo!

    • javajive

      I'll post a tutorial very soon. Maybe even tonight. How's HK?

  • Prosens

    i love canon 35/1.4

    • javajive

      As do I. :) But I just picked up the 135mm f/2 L last week and it's a very close call on which I will enjoy more. They compliment each other so well. Love using primes.

  • lynne

    I've been lurking around for quite a bit. Am very very impressed by your photography! I'm just a novice photographer with a Canon 350d and your photos are very inspiring. Look forward to more photos and tips!

    • javajive

      Hi Lynne, thanks for the warm comment. I started out with the Canon 300d, then 350d, 5D, (and 40d which I still use), and finally the 5D Mk II. The 350d served me very well for a while. Hope you'll continue to drop by.

  • steven george

    Ya it is look like very florous and natural thing. so many people captured such momentum, it is very much pretty. so thankful to you show such images of beautiful nights.there are so many keywords match with this like skyline building city rain town flash lightning thunder weather thunderstorm skyscraper capital asia manila voltage philippines makati