Rough Edges Rainbow Cake

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    I ran out of butter before I could finish frosting it.

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    1. 3_little_birds 43 months ago

      LOVE!! hey my bday's coming up on friday :D
      ummm.. i'll just come back to this picture and lick the screen :p~

    2. ashleyann<3 [deleted] 43 months ago

      holy mother of Jackson saints of the Boston red sox. this is the BEST cake in the world i love it i want to eat it! hi YUM

    3. EJB07 {~Liz~} 43 months ago

      WOW, this is visually amazing! I love it!

    4. libbbyannna † 43 months ago

      This is soo cool!
      It would have taken aggges to make!!
      This IS the best cake in the world..
      I would love this as my B-day cake!!
      You rock!

    5. jackiesjottings 43 months ago

      Oh wow, I love it :))))

    6. celenajustine 43 months ago

      I think it's almost better without the frosting- I love seeing more of the layers. :)

    7. s-o-b-a 43 months ago

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Light As Air, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    8. spanish moss 43 months ago

      This is the most amazing looking cake I have ever seen. BRAVO!

    9. Megan is me... 42 months ago

      Still looks awesome!!! XD

    10. ~ Carly ~ 42 months ago

      that is one gorgeous cake!
      i just started a group for Edible Rainbows i'd LOVE it if you'd add this pic! =)

    11. PiercedPikachu2 [deleted] 42 months ago

      so awesome!
      i used to experiment with making cakes like this as a child...i got lazy tho HAHAH!
      i should get back into it people used to love my purple cakes!

    12. ~ Carly ~ 42 months ago

      i just love the fact that you've used coloured frosting also...stunning colours! =)

    13. The politics of boredom 41 months ago

      Wow i would deff try and take this cake on.

      Amazing baking skills :)

    14. Lissie_Loo 41 months ago

      So delicious looking!!! *drool*

    15. m kasahara 41 months ago

      it's great! running out of frosting was a happy accident. :)

    16. Little Grey 40 months ago

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called pretty sweets, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      oh my goodness,this looks absolutely amazing!!

    17. Lotus Lulu 33 months ago

      I loved this so much that I thought about it for months before finally finding the right occasion to make it myself. Thank-you for taking such a lovely picture, making the layers so bright and inspiring and spreading the rainbow =) I mentioned your inspiration in my blog about my own rainbow cake expedition (and linked to this pic)

    18. chahuahuas 27 months ago

      Are you saying you didn't get a chance to frost the edges? because I think it looks better with the bare edges. so you can actually see all the layers of colors!

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