Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back-to-School Crayon Crafting

Update:  this post was featured over on At The Picket Fence's Inspiration Friday!!! Thank you, Heather and Vanessa!!

Still trying to recover from having four teeth violently drilled from my skull… not feeling so hot.

But, I can’t sit still, even when I’m puffy-faced and sore.  So this week, I did a few crayon crafts.
I’ve been stocking up on 24 packs of crayons ever since I saw them on sale for 50 cents at Kroger.  (*hint, hint* I found them 3 for $1 at Publix last night!!)

First, I did a little melting art!  Sorry for the crummy iPhone pics, they were the best I could do:

a little more adventurous:

I got the canvases incredibly inexpensively at Hobby Lobby.

Great tutorials for making melted crayon art can be found at 52 Kitchen Adventures, Naptime=Craft Time, and Whatever…

Next, I decided a crayon wreath was a must.  I was inspired by this photo I found on Pinterest:

gift for teachers?

I had seen a great tutorial from PharMA that used embroidery hoops as a wreath base.  I didn’t have embroidery hoops, but I did have a few of those ugly green styrofoam wreath bases.  So, I started out by covering it with white yarn.  I took step-by-step pictures, but forgot to change my white balance… so the first few didn’t come out.  Sad face.

I used a stack of magazines on one side and a bowl on the inside to keep the crayons level while I glued the crayons down.  Please ignore all the dog hair in this and all following pictures… no matter how much I vacuum, it doesn’t seem to matter, there’s still Jessie hair everywhere.

The crayons didn’t seem very steady, so I added an extra layer of glue around the outside of the crayons.


They still seemed wobbly, so I added an extra layer of glue on the other side, too.


I tied a few ribbons, and, voila.  All done!


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  1. Loving all of the crayon crafts! You did a fab job. The heart I think is my favorite! Thanks for sharing your talents! :D

    Melissa, I am (now) a follower and I would appreciate you following along with me too! Have a fabulous day!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! The heart is my favorite too! It was way more fun to make than the other one, actually. I'm trying to think of other shapes to try... star, maybe? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love this!!!!! So beautiful, easy and perfect for this time of year!! Going to share this on my FB page :)

    ~ Julie

  3. Your wreath is so cute and creative! I'm sharing it on my fb page and I pinned it. Saw you at Serenity Saturday.

    I'm a new follower :)
    Shasta @InTheOldRoad

  4. Great Crayon wreath tutorial girl! I might just try to make one again! LOVE your crayon art too! The one with the heart is super cute! Thanks for sharing and linking up to Sunday Funday at Every Day is an Occasion! Smiles, Jill


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