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Camille | Makoodle

A Little About Me

  • I have 3 kids.
  • I love Diet Coke, cinnamon rolls, caramel apples, and sugar cookies.
  • I blog about tasty treats, cute crafts, happy holidays, delightful decor, perfect parties, and my fantastic family

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Some Random Things About Me

  • My idea of a perfect vacation is sipping an ice cold Diet Coke, white watching beautiful sunsets and listening to the crashing waves of the ocean in a hammock.
  • I am a dreamer.  I don’t have set plans for how I expect my life to turn out.  I’m ready for where the wind will take me.
  • I hate the smell of ketchup.
  • I am disgusted by slimy things – salamanders, frogs, etc. They make me scream like a girl.

Let’s Be Friends

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