Spring Banner - Pink Flower & Book Page Bunting

Spring Banner – Pink Flower & Book Page Garland

With spring right around the corner and warmer weather, I decided to put together some simple spring crafts today.  Banners are an easy craft to make any holiday, season, or event more festive.  This craft was very quick and easy and I was able to do it with supplies I had on hand. DIY Book… 

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Star Wars Specimen Art - Boys Bedroom Decor from Makoodle.com

Star Wars Decor Ideas – Lego Specimen Art

Supplies Shadow Frame Metal Sharpie Metal Cutters Lego Magnet Figures Lego Star Wars Specimen Art Tutorial Remove the back of your frame, matte, and glass so all you have is the frame. I bought a roll of metal a few months ago for my Valentine’s Countdown frame.  I had a lot of metal left over… 

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Kiss Me St. Patrick's Day Printable from Makoodle.com

Kiss Me St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Buckle up – this is my fourth post this week.  I think a good analogy for my approach to blogging lately is like Netflix – I deliver my content in chunks. Bad analogy…. At any rate.  St. Patrick’s Day is not my favorite holiday and I don’t typically get jazzed about decorating are getting creative… 

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Without the rain, there would never be Rainbows - St. Patricks Printable from Makoodle.com

Without the Rain There Would Never be Rainbows – St. Patrick’s Day Printable

After barely posting anything on the blog this past year, I am happy to post my third post this week!  Things must be settling down in my life… I have enjoyed decorating our new house the last few months.  For most holidays, I have a small set of decorations I like to pull out –… 

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Conversation Heart Printable Valentines for Valentine's Day - Makoodle.com

Conversation Heart Printable Valentine’s

  I haven’t given up on doing crafts, dreaming up projects for my home, and planning parties for my kids.  My friend called me out on my lack of creativity lately the other day while at lunch.  It’s true.  I haven’t been doing some of the things I enjoy as often as I’d like. I… 

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