Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls

*Update–Many of you have had questions about how to “twist” the paper.  I have made a quick video showing you how.  You can find the video for how to make tissue flowers here:

How to Make Tissue Flowers Video

Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments about my last Valentine’s day project…the “Be Mine” Framed Art. I had some requests for a tutorial on how I made the tissue paper rosette decor balls {kissing balls}. Well, lucky day, I had this post already scheduled to go! These tissue rosette balls are not my original idea.


Many of you will remember that I have made these before and have them hanging in my daughter’s room. I followed a tutorial from Danielle Flanders, who initially created these, and which can be found here.   We also made the wooden box that I displayed the rosette balls in. I will share the tutorial for that in a future post. I actually made it a couple of months ago with this table saw from Sears Outlet.


First off you will need a couple of rolls of tissue paper streamers. You can find them many places in many colors. Mine were $1 each.  


Start by cutting the paper into strips about 24 inches long. Then crumple them up to make them softer {this part is optional, depends on what look you like–experiment}. Then fold the top 1/3 of it down so it is not as wide. {again…optional}  


Now take your strip and start on one end and begin rolling it up between your fingers.  


After you have a few rolls, continue to roll it up but now twist the paper.  


Now just continue to roll and twist until you have reached the end of the strip. I liked to add a drop of hot glue to the end so they did not unravel.


After you have a few rosettes made, start gluing {I used a glue gun} them onto a round styrofoam ball. I used 2 and 3 inch ones to make them in different sizes. Just glue them close together and fit them in where they sit together nicely.  


On this particular rosette ball, I did not twist the paper. I did some both ways and like that they come out a bit different. Below is a picture of one that I rolled AND twisted the strip of paper. Does that make sense? Can you see a difference?  Photobucket

The fun thing is to just try different things. You will eventually find something that works for you and your taste preferences.


Pretty easy right? These are the perfect thing to do when you are snowed in and watching your favorite TV program or chic flick!


P.S. Many of you emailed me and asked how I made this felt rosette kissing ball. I made these last year and the tutorial for them can be found here. I was inspired to make these after making this heart wreath. And just in case some of you are wondering about the decorative snowball men…they can be found here.


  1. 1

    OMG! What a great idea!! I can't wait to do this when we move!

    • 2

      I love these. My daughter is getting married this summer and I have been looking for ideas to decorate. I have seen these to buy but they are so expensive. Thank you so much!

  2. 5

    whoa cool its really nice

  3. 6

    this is my favorite artwork! I've been making roses from this kind of paper. The only difference I did is I cut the paper and rub it with scissor to emphasize the rose petals. I've learned the craft back when I was in elementary more or less 15 years ago!

  4. 7

    These are stunning Amy. I was eyeing them yesterday in the background of your other post, glad you posted the tutorial. Who knew they were so easy! I featured them on Craft Gossip this morning :) http://homeandgarden.craftgossip.com/tissue-rosette-kissing-balls/

  5. 8
    Isabella's Mommy.... says:

    What a cute idea!

  6. 9
    Clean Mama says:


  7. 10
    meghangramsey says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job! I really want to try it!

  8. 11
    Jen.Jensen says:

    Oh these are so cute! I want to make some asap.

  9. 12

    I love these! Such a great idea! Can't wait to make them! I also love the box you made…can't wait for that tutorial!

  10. 13

    OOh how easy! I have some left over streamers from a baby shower i hosted. i think that i found my next craft to do. :)

  11. 14

    Thank you for sharing. I need to make some of these for a baby shower.

  12. 15
    Shayna @ Texas Monkey says:

    I love these, have the supplies and been meaning to make them but you have me inpsired once again! Thank you.

  13. 16
    Life is fun Here says:

    I like these, so pretty! Thank you for posting. i had kidney surgery about a week ago and have limited mobility right now. These I can do though!

  14. 17

    To DIE for! I am hosting Bunco this month and HAVE to make some of these for prizes. You are going to make it so that I am popular and everybody loves me. I can't thank you enough for sharing this idea!

  15. 18
    Elizabeth says:


  16. 19
    Pam Ponder says:

    so cute and easy I am so trying this!!! thanks

  17. 20

    who knew you could do more with streamers than decorate for a kids party! ;-) Sucha cute project!

  18. 21
    Stitchy Poo Gal says:

    Oh my gosh I love your idea! Thank you so much. Off now to find crepe paper streamers.

  19. 22
    Amy {The Idea Room} says:

    Thanks everyone! And Thanks Amanda for featuring them on Craft Gossip :)!

  20. 23

    These are beutiful, I will have to give it a try!! Thanks for sharing!


    Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

  21. 24
    Dave & Loralee says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!! I'm totally doing these TONIGHT!!

  22. 25

    These are so beautiful! My friend's bridal shower is coming up and I think these would be perfect for adding to centerpieces!!

  23. 26
    Marek's Musings says:

    I'm attempting to make these AND the heart wreath this weekend! I'm excited! After I've bragged so much about my excitement on my blog (www.mareksmusings.blogspot.com), I've gotten tons of co-workers who are excited about doing them, too!

  24. 27

    what a great and CHEAP idea! I would have never guessed those were made from tissue paper! So pretty! BTW, I got my family fun today and couldn't wait to flip through it to find your project! It was so exciting to see! Funny, I've never met you but I felt like one of my good friends was being published!

  25. 28

    This is pure genius and seriously cute!!

  26. 29

    these are adorable! what did you do to hang them in your daughter's room?

  27. 30

    Oh, I love this!! Thanks for sharing!

  28. 31
    Johanson Family says:

    You must have the most amazing patience in the world for all the wonderful projects you test out! I sure hope it rubs off on me to make some cute stuff you have listed!! This is adorable!!

  29. 32
    Breaking Free From Old Ways says:

    This is such a cute idea! I love your blog! I am a new follower at http://breakingfreefromoldways.blogspot.com. Come check out my blog I have valentine's day ideas

  30. 33
    camcraftymom says:

    What a lovely project! Thanks for sharing with us. You always have such nice projects and ideas here.

  31. 34
    BeccaCKyria says:

    Thanks for the great project! Can't wait to get to it- it's officially added to my list!

  32. 35
    FancieStrands says:

    Hello from a new follower. I found you via Craft Gossip and I adore these kissing balls. What a great project for Valentines Day. I shared it on my blog. Thanks for the idea.

  33. 36
    Amy {The Idea Room} says:

    @Randi–I hung them in my daughters room on some lengths of ribbon. I simply folded up the end of one ribbon and stuck it to the foam ball with straight pins. It actually holds really well. Then I als stuck the top end into the drywall on the ceiling with straight pins as well. This was more challenging and I had to have the hubs help me push them in. But it works like a charm and if you want to remove them, you have only a tiny pinhole to patch up.

  34. 37
    Brittany@Love Stitched says:

    featured this today Amy!! love it!

  35. 38
    Julie @ CalleLillyCafe says:

    OMG!! I LOVE these pretty little things!

  36. 39
    Kristen Duke Photography says:

    L"OVE all the valentines day stuff…its how i got hooked to your blog last year!!!

  37. 40

    I love the little snowmen faces in the apothacary jar – how did you make those?

  38. 41

    You always inspire me! Promising to send you pics of my heart wreath!

  39. 42
    Our Seven Dwarfs says:

    Okay, now I have two perfect projects to do from you. I love the "Be Mine" plaque and the tissue paper rosette balls! With those ideas and the great heart wreath, I am truly becoming your biggest copycat!
    -Shannon @ oursevendwarfs.com

  40. 43

    What a great idea! I can't wait to use my leftover birthday crepe paper for these! I shared them on my blog because I think they are such a good idea. I love your site!

  41. 44

    Thanks for sharing this idea! I made some and they turned out so cute, I want to make more. I blogged about them on my personal blog with a link to yours. Thanks again!

  42. 45

    I am probably going to sound like an idiot…but I have been trying to make them and do the "twist" part and I feel a little confused. Do I just twist the stem or the own strip as I curl up?? Help! :)

  43. 46
    Amy {The Idea Room} says:

    @Brenda–I have actually been emailed that same question…so it is not dumb! Just hold the little "stem" that forms when you start wrapping. Twist the long length of streamer as you are rolling it up. Roll and then give it a twist…then roll it up and then twist it and son on. Does that make sense??

  44. 49
    Let's take a coffee break says:

    I love it! I can't wait to make some of these!


  45. 50
    Orange Peanut says:

    I hope you don't mind, but I shared your link! It is so cute and I had fun making mine – with only a few burns from the stinkin' glue gun!!!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Megan from orangepeanut.com

  46. 51

    Yours turned out so much better than mine! I gave you credit over at http://www.addicted2tutes.blogspot.com :)

  47. 52
    Beautiful Mama says:

    This was a great idea! I linked you on my blog with my finished photos posted up too! Thank you for sharing! And keep up the fab work!

  48. 53

    Hi there,
    Your balls turned out really pretty. I love the different colors. I just wanted to let you know that the original idea came from my blog. :)

  49. 54

    I am stressing out. I started doing this, but I don't understand what you mean by "twist." I crinkled the paper, then folded the top 1/3 down, and started rolling. It looks to perfect, and I can't figure out how to twist!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

  50. 55

    Love the idea and I would really enjoy trying it but I don’t know what you mean by your step that says as you are rolling them to also twist? Twist what? Where? In what direction?

  51. 56

    very cute. been wondering how to do this myself..so glad u posted this. thank u !

  52. 57

    I just finished this project for my little girls room! Thank you for sharing. I have no idea how to “track back”, so I will send you an email.


  53. 58

    I love these! I just shared a link to this post on my blog where I did a little pom pom tutorial. Thank you! I’ll have to try this version!

  54. 59

    what a cute idea!

  55. 60

    Amy, love this tutorial. Thanks for sharing. PS. how did you make the little snowball heads in the glass jar. Just wondering what you used? Thanks for sharing.

  56. 62

    Presh ideas!!!
    Keep it up!!

  57. 63

    Hello I stumbled upon your website via Pinterest and was wondering if you ever posted about how to make the wooden box featured in this post. I did a search on your website but didn’t see it. I would love to know if you have a tutorial. Thanks!

  58. 64

    Hello – I found your site via Pinterest and was wondering if you have a tutorial on the wooden box pictured in this post. I did a search on your site but didn’t see it- if you do I would love to see it- thanks!

  59. 65

    What an awesome idea!! Thanks for the tutorial! A lot of people are looking for ways to DIY and this fits right in with doing things for weddings on a budget.


  60. 66

    I suck at this lol. I couldn’t get it to look anything like a flower lol!!! I guess some crafts aren’t meant for everyone! :)

  61. 67

    How many rolls does it take to do one styrofoam ball?

  62. 68

    oh my goodness!!! I have a bin full of those tissue rolls that i had no idea what to do with!!! I love this idea!!!! genius!

  63. 69

    I don’t understand or see how you twist them and I can’t see any instructions in the comments here. Can someone please help me out?

  64. 70

    I love this

  65. 71

    Hi Amy, I love these! But mine are not coming out as full? Any suggestions for me :)

  66. 72

    Hi Amy,

    I love these! I made a few but don’t look as full or big as yours. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  67. 73

    Hey there Amy!
    I love this idea for flower girl and aisle pomanders at my friend’s upcoming wedding. I wanted to know what size styro balls are you using and how many flower balls did one roll of crepe paper cover?

  68. 74

    New follower here. Great idea….they look beautiful!

  69. 75
    Amanda Kaake says:

    I don’t understand the twisting part either. I’m sitting here doing different things and it’s just not working. Has someone figured this out yet?

  70. 76

    Now could you us tissue paper?

  71. 77

    This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial with us, I’ll be featuring it today.

  72. 79
    kellie smith says:

    LOVE THEM! Thanks for sharing your talent and idea! :)

  73. 80

    I love this. I’m going to give it a try for you flower shop. Thank you.

  74. 81

    These are lovely! But I feel like a jerk because I don’t understand the twisting part. You mean you turn the paper over (twist over) as you’re rolling it or you twist the bottom half of the roll as you’re rolling it? I really want to make these but I don’t want to screw it up..Thanks.

  75. 82

    Hey – I tried looking for an email to send this privately, but I couldn’t find one. I found your tutorial (the one from this post) complete with YOUR pictures on this site – http://diycraftstomake.blogspot.com/2012/01/tissue-rosette-kissing-balls.html
    and thought that you should know.

  76. 83

    I’m going to do the same thing but With much bigger Styrofoam Balls and i am going to hang a few from my nieces bedroom ceiling. i for-see it being very cute.

  77. 84

    I think it’s great that this post is still coming up in top ideas! I made these for my sil’s baby shower. Everyone loved them!


  78. 85

    What an adorably cute and fun idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  79. 86

    I love the look! Beautiful and simple! Can’t wait to make them!

  80. 87

    Sooooo adorable!! Great idea!

  81. 88
  82. 89

    Oh my gosh I love this… So cute. I’m going to try & make some. Wish me Luck!!! =}

    By any chance …. Can u please Please PLEASE, Invite me to Pintrest ? Thank you

  83. 90

    These are beautiful! I had to pin it on the CraftBliss Sweet Valentine Bliss Board on Pinterest and link back to you. ~Dee

  84. 91

    very nice idea. amazing :)

  85. 92

    So cute! I love it!!!

  86. 93
    Nita derouen says:


  87. 94

    Thank you soooo much! I totally had to feature it! I sent a private message about it, but I really wanted to thank you again. :)

  88. 95

    I like the lighter pink rosette ball a little more-what is the difference? Rolled and twisted? You demonstrated the roll but what does the twist look like? I’m sure this is really easy I just can’t see it!



  89. 96

    How did you get yours so full? When I roll them they become really thin! I’ve gone through almost 2 rolls of crepe paper and hardly have 1/2 a ball done. Any secrets there?

    • 97

      Thank you! I am so glad someone else has this issue. I have tried this over 20 times now and i cant get them to look anything like it. They look horrible and im beyond frustrated.

  90. 98

    found you via pinterest, love the look of these! I tried them tonight, some twisted some not, and they are more like rosebuds rather than roses. Not nearly as full, are you certain you only used 24 inches of the tissue per flower? I don’t know what you did to make yours look so great but I apparently don’t have your crafty touch.

  91. 99

    Hi! Sorry I haven’t emailed you but I have used your tutorial to make my own kissing ball and then linked back to your blog to give people instructions! Hope that is ok? I haven’t used any of your photos. Here is the link to my post http://roselindy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/kissing-balls-of-roses.html please get in touch if there is any problem!

  92. 100
    Rae Higgins says:

    Amazing article!! Thanks!

  93. 101
    Erin Nichols says:

    I’m not doing it right I guess! I followed your tutorial on here and the video tutorial. Mine are still not coming out as full as yours. I tried the 24 inches and 48 inches and they’re not as full! Any tips or suggestions? I’m trying to practice making these. I’m wanting to make a white one for my bridal shoot! Love yours! Thanks!

  94. 102

    How did you hang them? And I am making some for .my room super cute!

  95. 103
    Terri Machado says:

    I love this idea!! I would love for you use this for my Granddaughter!!

  96. 104

    This is such a lovely craft and I love the fact that it can be used in a variety of ways.. this can come in handy for a flower girl bouquet ball or wedding decorations at a ramen noodle price! Thanks for sharing!

  97. 105

    i’m making these for my wedding with hot pink, orange, and yellow roses. they look beautiful! such an easy and affordable project to add so much personality to a room. thank u!

  98. 106
    Ludmilla Rocha says:

    Love this. This ball is made of styrofoam?

  99. 107

    This is such a pretty project:) I linked you up on my blog:


    Thanks for sharing!

  100. 108

    LOVE this and the minute I saw this posted on Pinterest I KNEW I had seen these before! HERE!!! We’re creating these for our Choir Awards Banquet and using with our Alice in Wonderland theme! Thank you so much for the tutorial and inspiration!!!

  101. 109
    Elisa Hernandez says:

    Love this!! Im getting married in August and I’ve decided to use these for the flower girls to carry.. Thanks!!

  102. 110

    Hi I was wondering what size these styrofoam balls are?

  103. 111

    Love the look of these, but how do you get yours so big and puffy? Mine are turning out more like tight little rose buds! :(

  104. 112

    Your blog is lovely to look at! Great pics and content as well.

  105. 113

    Hi there…found you through a ‘Pin It’ of your crepe Paper rossettes..thank you for sharing such a beautiful creation..glad i found you and will be following your great ideas

  106. 114

    I love this idea I work in a nursing home always looking for ideas

  107. 115
    lourdes silva says:

    Me encanta.

  108. 116
    lourdes silva says:

    Me encanta.todos los trabajos manuales especialmente los de mesa.

  109. 117

    Hi! I recently made some topiaries and made them with tissue paper roses. I put your video on my post, hope that’s ok.
    My blog is http://topiaryrose.blogspot.com

    I did mine similar to yours. Thank you so much for the tutorial.
    I am following you now.

  110. 118

    This is fantastic!!!! I’m going to make a bunch and decorate my room with it!

  111. 120

    Was wondering if u had posted the tutorial on how to make the wood box. Love the roses.

  112. 122

    I just love these kissing balls!!!! I’m currently trying to make some for a bridal shower but they’re not as full looking as your roses. They’re really small and tight. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!!! :)

  113. 123

    I love that!!! I need to try that!:)

  114. 124

    Simplement magnifique..Super!!
    J’ai aimé faire!!
    Merci pour bpartager!!
    Bonne Année à tous

  115. 125

    What a great idea. Do you mind if I share this page on my website?

  116. 126

    I used your Tissue Rosette ball idea as part of the stage decor for my engagement ceremony – got so many compliments and had guests requesting to take a few balls with them! – Thank god I stumbled across your website when I did. Hope to see some more DIY crafts ideas from you that I could possibly ‘borrow’ for the wedding! thank you

  117. 127

    these are great projects

  118. 128

    Splendid work!! Very creative DIY and thanks for sharing it.

  119. 129


    These look wonderful! I would love to have these hanging from the pews during the ceremony at my wedding! Unfortunatly I am extremly un-crafty. Are these for purchase anywhere? I have been searching etsy and haven’t found anything like this either.

    Any help would be appreciated!



  120. 130

    I am making these for my daughters tea party instead of buying fresh. :) $ I like the look of the not twisted ones better but can’t make mine look like yours. You roll loosely, is that right? It also looks like they are kind of angled like a cone, smaller on bottom and wider on top… How do you do that? Either way I’m loving the twisted ones and so excited to use theses for two dollars ( humongous roll of streamer found at target) instead of 150.00, which I was going to pay for fresh! My husband thanks you…lol!

  121. 131

    I am a bride on a budget! I saw your post and started making these for my wedding centerpieces! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! They look expensive but are very affordable!! Thank you again!!!!!

    • 132

      So happy to hear that you are able to use them for you upcoming wedding. Good Luck with all your preparations. It is such and exciting but busy time!

  122. 133

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Extremely helpful information specifically the last part :
    ) I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this certain info
    for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  123. 134

    I used the instructions given for the tissue paper flowers and made flowers from ivory lace, chiffon and tulle for my daughter’s vintage wedding. Paired with some pearls, they look great!


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  46. [...] 4. Create crafty kissing balls:  Floral Kissing balls are a staple decoration for weddings, but instead of ordering fresh flower kissing balls from your florist, get crafty and make them with colorful tissue paper!  Tissue paper, which comes in nearly every color imaginable, retails for as low as $1 a roll.  You can fold and roll the tissue paper to make mini rosettes or scrunch to look like hydrangeas.  Then hot glue or pin them onto a round Styrofoam ball.  Attach a ribbon or wire and hang them as decoration! To learn how to make floral tissue kissing balls click here [...]

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  51. VALENTINES says:

    [...] PINK ROSETTE KISSING BALLS – This is an inexpensive project which will leave you with beautiful results and your color possibilities are endless. [...]

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  54. [...] describe this process for you, but I highly recommend clicking over to The Idea Room’s tutorial on tissue rosettes–that’s where I learned this technique! She has step by step photos AND a video clip [...]

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