Sweet & Salty – Birthday Party Hat Chex Mix Trash


I’ve gotta warn you.  You may want to stay away from this snack.  It is a little addicting.  It is the perfect combination of a sweet and salty snack.  Chex Mix Trash (sometimes called Texas Trash) is an easy to make treat.  I like to make it for parties, camping, holiday get-togethers – just about anything.  Why? … 

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Polka Dot Cupcake Toppers

Polka Dot Cupcakes

Oh how  I love cupcakes.  The only thing that makes cupcakes more lovable is when they coordinate with your birthday party theme.  For Bree’s party, I designed some printable polka dot cupcake toppers to match the decor for the rest of the party. And lucky me – I picked up some polka dot cupcake liners… 

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Cake Bunting


My daughters birthday party theme was polka dots (with some stripes). I (we) decided on the theme after finding some cute paper plates and napkins at Target. From there I designed various decorations using the paper plates as inspiration. Wondering how to make a cute cake? One of the cutest trends I’ve seen in birthday… 

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Lunch Notes


My anxiety is on overdrive this week.  How in the world is it possible that school is starting next week?!  I’m glad a did a little bit of school clothes shopping in July.  I need to go through and decide what to keep and what they still need.  One thing about school that I’m looking… 

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Wildflower Bouquet – Flowers of the Season


One of the things that makes our world beautiful is unique and colorful wildflowers.  A few weeks back my mother-in-law had the kids over for a sleepover.  One of the activities they did during their visit was to pick flowers and create a beautiful flower bouquet with flowers of the season.  I loved how it… 

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Slow Down Summer


A week from now we’ll be picking out first day of school clothes, packing lunches, and getting to bed earlier.  We will be back in a more structured routine.  My son will be starting Kindergarten.  It will be a transition to a new season.  Excitement and sadness.  I am feeling anxiety right now realizing my… 

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