DIY Baby Ghost Costume

Babies are fun to dress-up for Halloween because you get to choose! :)   I guess that gives added pressure because there are so many options – how can you choose just one?  I saw this cute baby ghost costume on pinterest and figured it would be easy enough to make and looked adorable.  Plus it will tie into Emily’s Halloween birthday party theme because one of her nicknames is Bugga Boo.

DIY Baby Ghost Halloween Costume Tutorial

The first step was to cut the tule.  I followed this great tip which is to measure a piece of cardboard 15″ long and wrap the tule around the cardboard.  Once the tule has been wrapped around the cardboard, use elastics to hold the tule in place, then cut the edges of the tule.

The result is a bunch of tule you can use to make the tule ghost tutu without having to measure each piece individually!  Easy peasy :).  Once my tule was cut, I followed these simple instructions for creating a white tule tutu. 

Can’t get cuter than a tule tutu, right?

I picked a pack of white long sleeved onesies, cut out some black felt ovals and hot glued them to the onesie. 

Baby Ghost Halloween Costume

I think bugga boo looks super cute.  She is walking now, but still getting the hang of it.  I’ve decided she kind of looks like frankenstein or a zombie when she is walking.  Maybe that’s what I should’ve gone with for the costumes – baby frankenstein!


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