Rainbow Fruit Tray

Isn’t it pretty?

here is no hiding that I love fresh fruit.  I like to have fresh fruit easy available in the fridge.  If the kids are hungry and want a snack, I always say, “Get some fruit.”

When the kids were younger we used to buy a lot of fruit snacks.  That’s what you feed kids when they’re hungry, right?  One day I was looking at the calories for a package of fruit snacks and was blown away to see that a small package that contains about 10 tiny “snacks” has just over 100 calories per package.

After this “wow” moment, I decided that they would be much more satisfied by enjoying a serving of fresh fruit than a tiny serving of fruit snacks.

Fresh Fruit Rainbow Platter

When I was planning the menu for my daughter’s art birthday party, I knew wanted to make a rainbow fruit platter.  This was one of my favorite “little details” from the party.  I don’t even know if anyone noticed that the fruit was arranged like a rainbow, especially at her friend party, but it made me happy. :)  The rest of the menu was simple – pizza, bread sticks, and salad.

There are a lot of different fruits you can use for each color depending on what is in season.  Our fruit rainbow included:

  • Red – Strawberries
  • Orange – Cantaloupe
  • Yellow – Pineapple
  • Green – Kiwi
  • Blue – Blueberries
  • Purple – Grapes

I washed and cut the fruit the day before the party so that all I needed to do on party day was set it out.  I’ve also seen some cute variations of this idea where the fruit pieces were put on skewers.

So pretty, on theme, and healthy!  Win, win, win.

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