Art Birthday Party

Art Birthday Party

I had a lot of fun planning  my daughter’s 8th birthday party.  We had a family birthday party and a friend birthday party for her with a rainbow art party theme.  For the cake table, I made some melted crayon art.  The cake table was also a display for the rainbow candy buffet.  I also created a Happy Birthday banner using my Silhouette cutter with the darling Elise font.

I made two rainbow cakes.  The first one was “ok”, but after some great advice from my husband, the second cake turned out awesome.  I loved how the melted crayon effect turned out on the second cake.

On my kid’s birthdays, I like to display some of my favorite pictures of them from the last year.  To display the pictures, I spray painted a frame in rainbow colors to make an on-theme rainbow clothespin picture display.

Crayon Birthday Party Invitation

Crayon Birthday Party Invitation

The crayon birthday invitation was the first project I did for the party and I love how it turned out.  It was perfect for the theme and it made my daughter feel special.   I’ll have to admit, it was pretty time consuming to put together, but you only live once! I used the crayon invitation for the family party (less invites to make) and for the friend party I created an easier printable artsy invite.

Rice Krispie Treat Paint Brush Party Favors

Rice Krispie Treat Paint Brushes Birthday Party Favor

For the family birthday party, I made some of my gourmet Rice Krispie Treats and turned them into paint brushes.

Rainbow Party Food

Rainbow Birthday Party Food

I like to plan the party food around the foods my kids like.  My daughter is a pretty picky eater, but she loves pizza.  When we do pizza for birthday parties we always order The Pie.  They have the best pizza – ever!  I love their cheese pull-a-parts.  We are lucky to have one pretty close to us, so I can even order it delivered so it is one less thing for me to worry about on party day.

I also made a rainbow fruit tray, salad, and had soda in the colors of the rainbow.

Art Birthday Party Games & Activities

For the friend birthday party we had several games and activities for the kids. For the activities, we made artwork, we made bead necklaces, and we created a blindfolded masterpiece.

Art Birthday Party Craft Activity

For the artwork, we painted 8×10 canvases.  This was the first activity we did  so the canvases had time to dry before the girls went home.  To pain the canvases, they used plastic cups dipped in paint.  They turned out darling and the girls loved the activity.

Art Birthday Party Game - "Blindfolded Masterpiece"

The “blindfolded masterpiece” was a game I came up with similar to pin the tail on the donkey.  We used a posterboard and markers.

Each girl took a turn being blindfolded and each girl had to draw something about the birthday girl.  So someone was assigned to draw her head, another her eyes, etc.  My daughter loved this game and kept the “masterpiece” to remember the party.

For more ideas, check out my Crafts and Fun with Kids pin board on Pinterest.

Rainbow Photo Booth

Rainbow Photo Booth for KIds Birthday Party

Last, but not least, we had a rainbow photo booth.  Photo booths are so much fun and a great way to remember a party.  This was a last minute (super easy) addition to the friend party and the kids had a lot of fun making silly faces and posing.

This party was so much fun and I’m already thinking about ideas for her 9th birthday.  I haven’t decided on a theme yet.  Maybe this year we will throw a simple party?  Probably not.  These parties are too much fun to plan!

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  1. says

    What a beautiful party! My 7 year old is also a ‘junior artist’ and I was looking for ideas for her 8th birthday party when I stumbled on your blog post. Loved the invites and the rainbow color scheme – especially the photo booth. I have been kicking myself for not doing a rainbow theme on her 7th birthday (7 colors!) but we had a cupcake decorating party which was fun too. Anyways, thanks for sharing your ideas and good luck to your little princess with her art projects.

  2. TN Lizzie says

    My girls love art, so for a July birthday one had a pARTy! Her friends wore old swim suits, and made a fun mess in the yard. Something we found out about too late was paint on a waterslide and then decorating a sheet. Use an abandoned playground slide laying on the ground. Add water. Just before someone slides face first, add dry tempra paint. When they get up, have them lay on a white sheet. Or just walk across it. Or just place a colorful handprint.

    Your photos are inspirational ~ Thanks for sharing! Off to find some plastic cups…

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