Easter Grass DIY Spring Decor

Easter Decorating Idea

I was immediately inspired by this beautiful Easter centerpiece I saw on Pinterest.   The site that the inspiration came from teaches you how to make real Easter grass.  I think that would be fun one year, but for this project I went with the artificial, can’t-mess-up route.  This project ended up being a great addition to our home decor.  I am displaying this Easter centerpiece on our kitchen table.

DIY Easter Centerpiece

Craft Supplies

Gather your supplies and kick back to some good music.  It’s craft time!

Spring Centerpiece Craft Tutorial

First, cut your floral foam so it fits in the glass bowl.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because it will be covered in spanish moss.

Place the floral foam in the glass bowl.

Cut the bunches of grass into smaller sections.  The bunches of artificial grass that I bought already had smaller sections separated out so it was easy to cut.

Place the grass bunches into the floral foam.

Once your grass bunches are placed in the floral foam, the grass should look full.

Place Spanish moss surrounding and on top of the floral foam.

Wrap some ribbon around the base of the grass and tie a bow.

Place decorative Easter eggs around the bowl on top of the Spanish moss.  I picked up these speckled Easter eggs at Joanne’s.  I love the colors of the Easter eggs.

Here is the finished Easter centerpiece.  I was quite pleased.  I have started some Pinterest inspired crafts in the past and have had my fair share of  Pinterest fails.  With this one, I would say it was a Pinterest success.  This may be my favorite Easter decoration to date.

Isn’t it cute!  I love Easter.  It is a definite sign of warm weather.

With or without the butterfly?

How about a butterfly?  Butterflies are definitely spring-ish, right!  I picked up some clip-on butterflies at Michael’s and have had fun accenting my home decor.

Here is the Easter grass decoration with a cute pink butterfly clipped on.  What do you think?  With or without the butterfly?


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    i love this! so pretty and classic. i was thinking i needed something to make for an easter centerpiece. i love it with the butterfly. my 4 year old daughter loves butterflies.. so i’ve kind of joined her. also glitter.. we may have to glitter our eggs! haha! thanks for sharing!

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