Monster Valentine

Monster Valentine

My son wasn’t too excited about my style when I was putting together my daughter’s pink and red girly Valentines last week.  I decided that my cute little boy needed some “tough” Valentines for his class.

Kids Valentines

Kids Monster Valentine

I designed four different monster valentine styles.  Check out the DIY Valentine;s Day Treat Bag Topperspost for simple instructions on how to put these together.

I Am Wild About You Monster Valentine

I Am Wild About You Monster Valentine

Wild Thing You May My Heart Sing Monster Valentine

Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing Monster Valentine

Eye Heart You Monster Valentine

Eye Heart You Monster Valentine

XOXO Monster Valentine

XOXO Monster Valentine

Monster Valentine Bag Toppers

Monster Valentines for Boy Kids

Do you want to know the best part about this project?  I got to reuse the monsters I designed for his 5th birthday party a couple years ago. Remember his monster cake?

DIY Monster Valentines for Boys

Monster Valentines for Kids

I showed my friend his Valentine’s and she said, “You bought the solid colored M&M’s!?  Those are expensive…”  I actually bought a big bag of M&M’s from Costco and sorted them into bowls with the different colors.  I know.  I’m crazy!  But, it was worth it – they turned out cute!

Download Free Printable Monster Bag Toppers

Monster Valentines for Boys

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  1. says

    I couldn’t love these more- so, so, SO adorable! I can’t wait to print these out for my littlest guy to share with his little class- he will love them! Totally enjoying browsing around your blog- your ideas and styling ROCK!

  2. Eva says

    I’m using your girly valentine toppers to pass out to my students. I was able to personalize them with my name on because you made them available in jpg format. I would LOVE to use these for my son’s to pass out to their classmates. Would you make these available in jpg format and two on 4×6 size paper? What I did with the pink toppers is I sent them to Costco to get printed. They came out awesome!! Plus I saved paper and ink doing it that way. I love your work and appreciate your help! Thank you.

  3. Chellese Bunker says

    These are SO fun! I love when boys get a little customized love of their own. I have three boys!!! Happy Valentines to you.

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