My Favorite Printer – Epson Artisan 835 – Epson Expression Home XP-410


I recently updated my printer to the new Epson Expression Home XP-410



I love the new more compact design.



A few months ago I had a printer meltdown.   I had two printers that had worked great for years – an inkjet printer and a color laser jetprinter.

Problem Printer #1

I was helping my son get a project ready for school and the inkjet printer wasn’t printing correctly.  I replaced the cartridge and soon realized that my problem wasn’t that I had ran out of ink – I had a clogged ink duct.  After a few hours of googling and trying to find a DIY fix, I realized that the problem was a bit above my pay grade.

Problem Printer #2

I then tried printing the project on our laserjet printer.  I don’t use this printer very often and the colors came out completely wrong.  After a few more hours of googling and trying to find a solution I learned that the problem had something to do with the ink sensor and in order to fix it you had to have been an apprentice for MacGeyver.

The Solution

I had my husband do some research and help me find an affordable printer that will have all the bells and whistles I need.  He is an expert at finding the best electronics.  What he found me was…

The Swiss Army Knife of Printers

It scans, it copies, it prints, it cooks, it cleans.  It is the Epson Artisan 835 color inkjet all-in-one printer.

This printer is an all-in-one wireless printer which means it has multiple functions and you can print from your laptop or iPad (or other mobile device).  It is also sexy.  I love the touch screen interface.

It was easy to setup and the print quality is outstanding.  One other feature that I use and really love about it is that it will print on printable CD’s and DVD’s so you can create custom labels.  It also eliminates the need for a bulky scanner. This is the best inkjet printer I have ever had and I’ve had more than I like to remember.

This printer is selling for almost 50% off the list price on Amazon.  You can find a lot more details about the printer here.

If you are in need of a versatile printer, I highly recommend this printer.  I use it for my printables and DIY craft projects.

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