Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea – DIY Favorite Quote

In preparation for teacher appreciation week, I have been working on a handmade gift. It all started with a turquoise frame makeover.  I then created a printable with one of my favorite motivational quotes (which also happens to be my daughter’s teacher favorite quote).

Teacher Appreciation Gift Packaging

Good packaging can definitely make your gift memorable.  The free printable for this teacher appreciation gift included some tags that say, “Thank you for helping me to be my best.”  Your child can sign their name and even include a handwritten note. (Teacher’s love handwritten notes).

I wrapped the frame in a sheetsof white tissue paper.

I used clear tape to hold down the corners, but washi tape would have been a cute way to hold down the paper as well.

Wrap bakers twin around the wrapped frame several times.

Tie the bakers twine in the middle in the front of the present, then spread out the bakers twine so it is wide on the edges and tight in the center.

Cut out the “thank you” tags with a circle punch.

Finally, tape the “thank you” tag to the middle of the bakers twine where it was tied together.

If you missed the previous posts for this project, check out the turquoise frame makeover here or download the printable Good, Better, Best quote here.

What are you doing for teacher appreciation week?

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