Valentine Countdown

The clock is tickin’. Only a couple more weeks until Valentine’s day. I was really happy with how my Christmas advent calendar turned out and decided to give it a Valentine make-over. During Christmas, my kids loved opening each tin to see the activity we were going to do and enjoy a little treat.

Celebrate Love

For Valentine’s day I created a Valentine’s day countdown.  The magnetic Valentine’s tins include a message to the kids each day that tell them one of the reasons they are special and why they are loved.

Valentine’s Day Countdown

DIY Valentine Countdown Craft


First, print the advent calendar number printable.  <<Free Printable Download Below!!>>

Use a 2″ circle punch.  My favorite paper punch is this squeeze punch by Fiskars because you can see your design and align it how you want before you make the punch.  It works great!

Cover each circle number in Modge Podge.

Put Modge Podge’d circle in the tin lid and allow to dry.

The is a bit loose on the base of the time, so I flattened the bottom of the tin slightly so the top fit snug.  The top of the tin covers the flattened part, so you don’t have to worry about an odd shaped tin.

We interrupt this message for a special commercial break from my friend – Route 44 Diet Coke with lemon – Thank you for making my day a little lovelier Sonic!

Now.  Back to business.

I like to stand up the countdown.  I found the best way to do this was to make the tins magnetic.

These foam adhesive magnets made the job easy.  I simple affixed the magnet to the back of the tin.

Valentine’s – I Love You Because Printable

I figure my kids get enough treats and I also think kind words are more meaningful, so I created a “I love you because” printable.  I printed enough strips so each day the kids can open the tin and each find a special reason they are special and we love them.

After you’ve written a special message for each child, fold it up and put it into the tin.

The folded up I love you because messages fit nicely in the tin and will be a special and meaningful way to countdown to this upcoming holiday of love.

Valentine Countdown Display

I made a magnetic frame to display my Valentine countdown.  I will follow-up with that tutorial in another post.

I originally thought “14 days in February to countdown to Valentine’s”.  When I put it together, I realized that 15 days to countdown to Valentine’s would be better balanced in my magnetic frame.  So we will start a day early.

DIY Advent Calendar Supplies

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Free Printable Valentine Countdown


  1. Tricia Luker says

    Hi Camille;

    I can’t get the cute Valentine Day Countdown numbers. Can you help me please? I really want to make these for my grandkids. Thanks for the neat ideas!


    • Camille says

      Tricia! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. They links to the files weren’t set properly, but they are now. Let me know if you have any troubles and I can send them directly.


  2. Emily says

    I think this is one of the cutest Valentine ideas I have seen this year! I’m going to pin it because it is that great. :)

  3. Sheena says

    Too cute! I made a Valentine’s countdown but haven’t filled them yet and had been thinking I’d put a little note for each day for each kid but haven’t done them yet. I love the printables you shared. I will so be using them. Thanks for sharing!!

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