XOXO Love Free Printable – Dimensional Valentine’s Day Print

I have found a lot of joy in decorating for the seasons and holidays this past year.  I have been hitting up the home decor and craft stores over the last few weeks in search of some cute Valentine’s Day decorations.  I haven’t been too successful.  Most of the Valentine’s decorations I’ve been able to find are quite cheesy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Valentine’s day is definitely a holiday for DIY – especially if you want cute decorations.  One of the easiest and inexpensive way to decorate for any holiday is a cute printable.  I came across this cute patriotic printable craft project last summer and have been wanting to use the concept since.

Valentine’s Day Decor – Free Printable Love Sign

To put together this together, you need the following supplies:

Craft Supplies

I picke up the foam stickers at Michael’s in the paper crafting section.  You can get an exacto knife at any craft store.  I picked up the white frame at Ikea for $2.  You can’t beat that!  I get my printables printed at Costco or Shutterfly.

Place the “Love” 5×7 on a piece of cardboard or cutting mat.

Cut each letter using your exacto knife.

Please foam stickers on the back of the letters you’ve cut out and affix to the XOXO background to create a three-dimensional print.

Put print in frame.

I put this all together in about 15 minutes.   Valentine’s crafts don’t get easier than that, right!?

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XOXO Love Free Printable Download

There are two different sizes for this printable – 5×7 and 4×6.


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