“Candy Corn” Apothecary Jar

I’m totally “in” to decorating with apothecary jars for holidays.  I think they are a great way to keep make your decor classy.  They also help foster creativity because I get to think of new ideas of what to put into my apothecary jars each holiday.

I found these great yellow decorative balls and some super cute mini pumpkins at a local craft store.  I re-used the white decorate balls I used for my 4th of July apothecary jars.

I like how this jar turned out.  I can use it for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decor and it couldn’t have been easier to put together.  (I’m all about easy).

“Candy Corn” Fall Apothecary Jar Decor



  1. says

    I’m ashamed to admit, but at first, I didn’t get it. Where is the candy corn? DUH! What a cute idea! I LOVE the balls! Do you mind sharing where you got them? Stopping by from The Idea Room.

  2. says

    Very cute idea! I love the idea of using the 3 colors to look like the candy corn! I have an obsession with all things apothecary! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a fabulous weekend!

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