Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea – Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple Thank You Gift

Teacher’s love apples right?  I hear that’s why they become teachers.  So they can eat apples…


Well, I love caramel apples.  My favorite is a cinnamon sugar caramel apple.  A delicious apple covered in white chocolate and cinnamon.  Now we’re talking!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

This is an easy teacher appreciation gift idea.  You can pick up the caramel apples from a local treat shop.  I picked mine up at Kneaders for only $4.  (I say only $4 because I checked Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and their caramel apples were almost $8!)

Caramel Apples – Packaging from the Store

This is the adorable packaging the caramel apples came in – brown paper packages.  They were in serious need of a makeover so I headed straight to the craft supplies.

DIY Caramel Apple Packaging



The caramel apple packaging is really quite easy to put together.  All you do is place the caramel apple in a cellophane bag, then tie ribbon around the base of the wooden stick.  Cut out the thank you tags (printable available below), and punch with a 3 inch punch.  Tie the thank you tag to the ribbon and viola!

By packaging the caramel apple in some cellophane, ribbon, and a thank you tag, you have a quick and fancy thank you gift.

What are you doing for teacher appreciation thank you gifts?

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Thank You Printable Tags

I used my Artisan 835 and card stock paper to print this printable.  I used a 3″ circle punch to cut out the thank you tags.

To download the printable, select the button with the arrow pointing down.


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