Free Halloween Printables – Treat Bag Toppers

I’m 9 days away from the big first birthday/Halloween party.  Aghhhhh!  Today I worked on the party favor treat bags.  I am happy with how they turned out.  I am loosely going with a spider theme for the party, even though I am creeped out by spiders and all things crawly.

Halloween Party Treat Bag Toppers

Version 1 is a spider web themed favor. I think these are a simple, somewhat elegant party favor.

Version 2 is a more colorful (and easier to put together), fun party favor.

How To Make Treat Bag Toppers

Who doesn’t love Reeses?  I know my kids go wild about them.  Plus, they are perfect for classing up a bit to tie into your party theme.

The first thing I did was put plain white stickers on the tops of the Reeses candy.  I did this cause I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  I wanted to use my small paper punch to cut out circles from scrapbook paper, but the punched circles ended up being a little small.  By using the white sticker, it acted as a border to the scrapbook punched paper.  After I put the white stickers on, I glued on the small circles cut from a black and white web designed scrapbook paper.  I like how it turned out.

I put six Reeses in each ziplock bag.  I got these bags in the jewelry section of the craft store and they measure 3″ x 4″.

I cut strips of scrapbook paper 3″ wide by 4.25″ tall then folded them in half (this allowed me to get 6 toppers per 8.5 x 11 sheet).  I printed my “Happy Halloween – Thanks for partying with us” labels on white card stock and cut out the papers.  (See end of post for printable).  I glued the printable to the scrapbook paper and finished it off with some cute spider stickers I picked up from Michaels by Martha Stewart crafts.  Finally, I attached the bag topper to the treat bags.

I picked up a cheap and cute black cauldron from the dollar store.  On party day, I’ll have the party favors in this cauldron for the guests to take.

K.I.S.S Treat Bag Toppers

The K.I.S.S. version of the treat bag toppers (keep it simple sweetheart were inspired by these monster eye treat bags.

I picked up these Halloween themed stickers from Michaels for $1!  You can’t beat that.

I put the circle stickers on the top of the Reeses and put the Reeses in the zip lock bags.  There were enough different Halloween designed stickers that each Reeses candy had a different design on top.

To finish it off, I used some purple scrapbook paper and the Happy Halloween party favor printable label.  These extra treats will work great as Halloween party game prizes.

Download the Free Printable Halloween Labels for Party Favors


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