Hanging Balloons

This has got to be the easiest and cheapest way to decorate for a birthday party or event.  I like to get balloons that coordinate with the colors of my overall party theme and hang them from the chandalier that hangs over our dining table.  I use three different colors with two balloons of each color.  I hang the balloons at different lengths. 

Hanging Balloons = Easy Party Decoration

Hanging Balloons Birthday Party Decor

Hanging Balloons from Chandalier

Hanging Balloons

Upside Down Balloons


  • Balloon Pump – If you don’t have one already, this handy gadget is extremely valuable.  My mom just had a birthday as well and I eneded up blowing up around 100 balloons for decor.  I would have been light headed and passed out if I had tried to blow them up the old fashioned way.
  • Balloons – I usually pick up my balloons at Walmart or Zurchers.  These polka dot balloons from Amazon.com are super cute!

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