January 2012 Free Desktop Wallpaper

I took a look at my desktop the other day and realized I have a serious problem.  (1) I have too many files on my desktop.  (2) I can’t find what I’m looking for because the desktop wallpaper isn’t optimized to view the file names.

I decided it would be a fun idea to create a custom desktop wallpaper for each month of the year and offer it as a free download on Makoodle.  I love to make my computer cute with a cute desktop wallpaper.

Winter Desktop Wallpaper Download

There are two versions and two sizes available for download.  The first version allows you to put a picture in the background and make it custom to you. 

The second version includes the snowflake background and January calendar.

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads

Snowflake Desktop Background – Calendar Only
This download is a JPG image that doesn’t’ need any customization in Photoshop.  Download the image and apply it as a background image on your desktop.

Snowflake Desktop Background – Calendar and Picture
This download is a PSD file that needs to be customized in Photoshop.  Download the file, open it in Photoshop and apply your favotire photo, save it as a JPG, then apply it as a background image on your desktop.


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