Nothing Happier than Slip ‘n Slide, Strawberries, & Long Summer Nights

What makes you happy?  I have a goal to find, recognize, and remember the little things that make life happy.  Read more about the nothing happier series.

Here is this week’s list of things that make me happy:

Slip ‘n Slide

Nothing makes me happier than a Slip ‘n Slide.

How could you not be happy watching kids run and slide through a trail of water.  With the heat blazing down, the Slip ‘n Slide is perfect for the kids to splash in to keep cool.

A couple of summers ago we had a big family reunion with my dad’s family.  We had a barbeque/potluck and the kids played on the Slip ‘n Slide.  The kids were nervous to go down at first and it took them awhile to get their technique perfected, but they loved it.


Nothing makes me happier than strawberries.

Strawberries are my favorite fruit.  They are cute with their seeds that look like little polka dots, they are girly with their heart shape, and they taste sweet but not too sweet.  I also like that it isn’t hard to pick “the right one”.  I like cantaloupe and watermelon too, but I am not good at picking the “right one”.  Strawberries are simple.

Long Summer Nights

Nothing makes me happier than long summer nights.

Yesterday when we got home from doing some errands to get ready for our camping trip this weekend, my daughter pulled out some camping chairs. She sat down in one of them and started to color.  I joined her and enjoyed a bowl of strawberries with Cool Whip and an ice cold Diet Coke.  It was perfect.  We sat there for awhile and just relaxed.  No place to go.  Nothing to do.  Just relaxed.

After awhile I went into the backyard and jumped on the tramp with my son and youngest daughter.  I laid on the tramp and looked at the beautiful sky with the sun sparkling through the clouds as it was beginning to set.  My son jumped back and forth over me while my little girl laughed and laughed.  I thought to myself, “This is what life is all about.  Long summer nights with nothing to do.”

What is making you happy this week?


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