Valentines Oreo Pops

Valentines Oreo Pops - A simple, cute treat for Valentine's Day

Cake pops have been around for awhile and have made quite the impact on holidays, parties, and events – thanks to Miss Bakerella.  Even though cake pops are super cute, I prefer a more simple variation of the this treat on a stick – the Oreo pop.

Holiday Oreo Pops

Valentines Oreo Pops covered in Heart Sprinkels - A simple treat to make with kids for Valentine's Day

Oreo pops are easier to make than cake pops and are great treats for a holiday or party.  These fun treats are always a hit at my kids’ birthday parties.  In fact, my daughter chose an Oreo pop (or two) over her cake at her second birthday party.

If you’re looking for a fun, festive treat these Valentine Oreo pops are sure to please.

Heart Sprinkles

Heart Sprinkles

My favorite thing about Oreo pops is covering them with sprinkles.  I like the look of the nonpareils the most, but it is fun to mix it up with some itsy, bitsy shapes as well.

To learn how to make Oreo pops, check out my Oreo pop tutorial.

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